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for some reason, i'm a sucker for other 'dutchmen in distress' ... har, har ...

reuters: eddie van halen says he's beating cancer; but reuniting with david lee roth is the big challenge.

cnet: search engines accused of deceptive results. mmm-hmmm.

xmlhack: xfinity designer for xslt, native xml database from ex machina, and semantext (python).

which reminds me ... while having brunch at cloud cliff bakery yesterday, i saw some panoramic prints on the wall. walking over, i saw a sheet of paper under the photos ... delineating all the technical specs and equipment used to capture the panoramas. that felt really odd; i don't buy a van gogh for the brand of brushes and the lead content of paint. why on earth would i care about the technical aspects of an artist's vision? the question is: a good picture or not?

telegraph.uk: there's no master like an old master.

chronicle of higher ed: holy war in the shadowlands. in the absence of a smoking gun, leave the legacy alone. ever read about alexandre dumas? if dumas used teams of writers and edited over them for his unique voice, what does it matter? they were compensated, we got a cracking good novel ...

velonews: stage nine ... ivanov!

ny times: russia-china treaty. i'm quite bitter. i hope people will never forget that this is the result of george bush's ill-advised presidency. we now have turned back the clock twenty years, and worse. in seven months, the world has become a significantly more dangerous place. i hope the media give this the weight it deserves ...

santa fe new mexican: who won the bastille day waiter's race in santa fe? nice touch ... first place flies to paris, france; fifth place goes by bus to paris, texas.

zope: new version of zswgenerator.

kumo: python scripts you can use.

bbc sci/tech: 'moral vacuum' in science lessons. before you dissect that frog, think ...

bbc sci/tech: scientists disable cancer cell defenses.

linuxhardware: linux and the pentium 4.

rootprompt: world's shortest samba how-to.

dot com builder: xml distilled, essential ingredients for today's web apps.

various sources: new 100 mb iomega zip drive, list $70. usb.

freshmeat: manhattan virtual classroom.

dpreview looks at the kodak dcs760, the nikon f5 with six megapixel capabilities ... also, a head-to-head with the nikon d1x.

the register: microsoft racing to plug outlook flaw. i've been toying with the idea of moving my email functions back to mac (and mailsmith) from windows/outlook. it's a shame, once again. we could have such great functionality, if we didn't need tight security ... but this is the mistake of viewing the internet as utopian, when it's ultimately a reflection of the humans who use it.

varlinux.org: free software, the right to be a charitable community.

new scientist: nuclear fusion gets a boost.

earlier this morning, reading the new york times, i came across the article about bush wanting to change the tax code. this is another situation where i keep seeing commonalities between the tom clancy 'jack ryan' novel series and our dear george w. has anyone else read clancy's books, and are you catching this same similarity? i'm beginning to think i need to look through a couple of bush speeches, and see if i can catch some plagiarism ...

and that's enough of the 'organ recital.' now for some linkage ...

for my weekday readers, you may want to peek at saturday's entry. i'm having some medical testing done that is preventing me from updating here as often as i'd wish. speaking of which, i just got back from dracula's. and i have a stress ecg scheduled for next wednesday, the 25th. so it looks like i'll have a diagnosis in about a week to a week and a half. thank god.