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off to create mayhem for the rest of the evening. see you mañaña ...

good lord. the day they almost lost denver. via metafilter. read this, and maybe you'll understand why i don't trust the gov't to handle radioactive materials properly?

later: er, more to the point, at this time ... "wine and wenches empty men's purses." ye olde english proverb. then again, i'll probably get stoned for saying the 'w' word ...

"give me women, wine and snuff
until i cry out 'hold, enough!'
you may do so sans objection
till the day of resurrection;
for bless my beard they aye shall be
my beloved trinity."
... keats

spanish proverb: "good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach."

new scientist: nuclear boosters for nasa? it'll never fly *ahem* excuse the pun. what happened to the 'space elevator'?

nytimes op-ed: the economic glass is half empty, and it's a dixie cup, or didn't you know that? the bush tax cut, that nobody wanted, turns out to be ... guess what? ... fiscally irresponsible given the predominant economic trends. my goodness. so where do we go from here?

nytimes: 100th birthday of the indian motorcycle. mmm, mmm good. there's a place in albuquerque that rents these ... once rainy season is over, i'm there with bells on.

reuters: bush administration reviews roadless areas use. haven't asked us yet. guess i'll have to go over to the forest service and ask ...

hey mike ... remember 'boom, boom ... out go the lights?' ... look in your dg.

the register: dot-commers to blame for anti-capitalist violence? let me get this straight ... we throw plastic mice, they shoot rubber bullets ...???

kuro5hin: requiem to an iron lung. thinking deeply about smoking/not.

friday, 5:30 p.m. ... and my client's host server is not responding. do i sit and keep trying, or get the heck out of here?

geeknews: nigeria is starting a space program.

betabites: instead of buying new, rebuilding your pc.

linux hardware: latest linux cpu guide.

for os x, barebones has released supergetinfo.

slashdot: public outcry over popup ads. 'bout time.

matt's mysql panel. written in php, administers remote mysql databases.

yahoonews: james taylor's back on the road this summer.

santa fe new mexican: 127,000 cubic yards of horse manure that spontaneously ignites. wonderful. but, this is great news ... that 'the downs' will reopen.

if you have a powerbook g3 ac adapter, you might want to read this.

the register: win2k a spam relay via smtp?

atlantic monthly: after my dog tirade yesterday, "customized quarantine." i still contend that abdication of responsibility for community is at fault, not to mention the overt symptoms of sibling society; we're placing band-aids while avoiding the bigger issues. this author bemoans a band-aid, but offers no solutions.

just a momentary thought; i can find no abstracts or studies looking at addiction as a marketing tool. surely someone must be looking at it, in some form. certainly the tobacco companies counted on it ...

mediachannel: cool article. is it art if you can recognize the brand and version of software used to create it?

opera news: ah, the aesthetic. fat opera singers ain't makin' it.

webreview: use macromedia flash and save the web.

cnet: amazon ends free shipping 'trial'. but was it free?

zope.org: i'm a little late with this. msworddocument 0.7, and a sequel to the minimal product how-to.

kumo: some web services.

bbc sci/tech: warnings about cloning. not just creatures, but even stem cells are 'genetically unstable.' walk before you run. don't subject innocent lives to your experiments.

cnet: hotels, inns and b&b's best get websites.

xmlhack: what's new with svg.

unixreview: roxen web server.

wired: freelancers, publishers, "blacklisting"? having your cake and eating it too, on both sides ...

geeknews: contention over at php-nuke. to gpl, or not gpl, that is the question ...

mac os x: prowler, image browser, slide show, etc.

cnn: they're running the bulls in pamplona.

newsforge: nautilus resurfaces from eazel wreckage?

zez.org: "php security flaws." though, i'm sure you can insecurely program with any language ... [tongue firmly in cheek] ...

nytimes: a dutch artist, and his 'tree tents.' clever.

cnn: kids seem to think copying directly from the web isn't plagiarism.

more pix of ireland at spicynoodles.

trolling for links. soon.

thank god its friday. eight hours, and i'm free. almost didn't make it this week.