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jim morrison's 'quiet days in paris.'

reuters: 30 years ago today, jim morrison was found dead. light my fire, hell. 'riders on the storm' is the song that shoots through my psyche ... thunder, rain, keyboards ... and that voice.

i keep meaning to get my hike to nambe lake put up as a gallery. here's another tease:

yours truly, at nambe lake, new mexico.

... yours truly, after panicked dousing with *deet* (insect repellent). on approach to the lake, you cut under some trees on the north side. as soon as i hit the shade, my arms and legs were black with mosquitoes faster than you could say 'peewee herman' ... never seen anything like it before. i did the 100 yard dash over the rocks, spewing repellent as i went ... and found this nice sunny spot, bug-free. yes, that is snow.

the sherlock holmes museum.

working on dinner tonight ... cold roasted peppers, salads dressed in virgin olive oil, grilled chicken breasts, fresh corn ...

new notice on the webtrends live service [it's been down quite often lately]:

"The WebTrends Live Personal Edition is available as a free service to use at your own risk. Personal Edition sites are used for testing purposes, therefore we do not guaranty the availability of the Personal Edition Service, nor are we responsible for data loss or interruption of service of any kind. If you do not wish to have your site used for testing, please contact us at sales@webtrendslive.com to evaluate the Business Edition or the eCommerce Edition service."

i dearly wish they had an option cheaper than their $25/month business rate. i'd use it.

macnn: g4 cube suspended. not completely dead. goose it, apple, and drop the price. or make it a part of a modular-upgrade system.

zdnet: a monopoly at work. kodak finds microsoft has an interest in digital photography.

reuters: macabre. finding body parts in the florida swamps.

santa fe new mexican: amtrak train stops abruptly, causes injuries down in lamy, new mexico.

santa fe new mexican: same-sex households 'up 322 percent'. went from 76 to 312 in the city. i guess this is news ...

ny times review: lulu.

kuro5hin: credit card companies feed off our young.

cnn: the other side of geeks.

www.macgimp.com. thanks, alwin.

versiontracker: autodessys form•z 2.8.0g2.

eetimes: fiber-to-the-home advocacy group started.

vnunet: windows xp users will face expensive upgrades. covered this before a few weeks ago; gotta drive that slumping hardware market ...

zdnet: 'utility x' will allow you to run os x on 'unsupported' machines ...and it's free.

inside.com: aol to bring in 41 percent of all internet advertising this year? a dismal prospect ...

xmlhack: run xslt transforms from emacs.

linux today: slackware linux 8.

daemon news: netbsd 1.5.1.

and, it just wasted a good 15 minutes of my usual posting time ...

just hit one of those sites that creams your machine with pop-unders, then forcing new pages until you're totally pissed. the minimize, maximize and close boxes would generate new windows. a link at newsforge took me there. god forbid someone who doesn't know their key commands ever hits this kind of page.

it seems readers using omniweb here are getting sent to my netscape page. i'll see what i can do to get you over to the 'standards-compliant' page ...

it's cool, at least for a while, this morning.