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working a bit late tonight; having an 'xpress tags' evening. i'd like to put quark in a quoin after querying it with a branch of quebracho ...

salon: ah, the eiffel tower in june ...tres magnifique!

all of a sudden, the wind has kicked up. so much for my files; they're next to the window. or they *were.* anyone got a makila?

electronic telegraph.uk: when the world economic summit meets in salzburg, austria ... police have permission to shoot protestors.

reuters: taos solar music festival. too bad i gotta work ...

quickhp, a 'minimalist home page administrator.'

dpreview posts a huge nikon d1x review. i need to go to vegas, win some cash ...

maccentral: new icab preview released.

mozillaquest says mozilla is upped to 0.92.

then again, i need to get back to work ... or get a life. or maybe it's the ghost of bucky fuller channelling ... (snort) ...

read something the other day, saying that if the entire world's population were standing up, next to each other, they'd fit in a small corner of wyoming. that sounded crazy. being the curious person i am, i found the current population of the world [6,157,165,578 as of this month], decided to calculate how much space they'd need if lying down rather than standing up ... approx. 18 square feet. multiplied it all out, and found that the entire population of the world could lie down together in a space about 2/3 the size of connecticut (ct is 5,544 square miles, the people would only need 3,975). puts a different perspective on how much we're affecting the earth, doesn't it? doesn't explain sprawl and mini-malls, though ...

speak out's religion selector. i'm a neo-pagan or a ... get this ... liberal quaker?

santa fe new mexican: and, if you didn't know, our governor drives a hog. and he admits he speeds 'just like everyone else'. an honest politician? good lord.

santa fe new mexican: visualize whirled peas. painted as radioactive drums and mailed to gov. gary johnson. note in this story, area 'g' up in los alamos contains more radioactive waste, in fiberglass and steel drums under *tents*. remember the cerro grande fire? boy, it's nice to know the government has taken the lead in responsible environmentalism. sure, i'd trust the government to responsibly drill in the arctic ... [sarcasm, please]

one of these fine days, i'm going to learn a great lesson. when a client comes with a pressure-filled deadline, i'll leave the pressure with *them*, and just deal with the deadline. it's all so much easier that way. there's absolutely no reason to 'empathize' or 'jump' to their same level of manic paranoia. maybe it's that human-being thing again.

kumo: re: free software licenses.

thunderstorms coming. from sun to black in ten minutes. boomers. gotta run.

books online: latin is dead? remind me to do a whole day's postings sometime in latin ... might as well put eight years to good use.

zdnet: is bsd the tortoise, and linux the hare?

internet product watch: spidercache. cache dynamic sites, unix, windows.

perl.com has redesigned, been pulled into the o'reilly network.

techtool pro now is os x compatible.

zope.org: a load of stuff! kaivo document library, cmf options (check out the blark weblog), metapublisher.

bbc sci-tech: stalagmites in caribbean 'blue holes' indicate changes in ocean currents. they also lend credence to the possible inaccuracy of radio-carbon dating of artifacts (only those older than 40,000 years, however).

webref: interview with michael landau on the supreme court's copyright decision.

yahoonews: scientists say consciousness continues after brain dies. clinical evidence of 'soul'?

wired: music was easier when it was free. fire sale on portable mp3 players? not yet ...

slashdot: silent hard drives.

i should have gotten to bed earlier last night. i wonder if juliette binoche'll come over and read me a bedtime story ...

... but i'm not awake yet! turn that phone off!