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kuro5hin looks at osama bin laden.

decline and fall of the roman empire, in a zip.

nero sounds like dennis rodman ... except nero liked to light his garden with human torches, usu. christians ...

the theban royal mummy project. looking up 'alan parsons project', i stumble across this. it's better.

i just updated my copy of feedreader to 1.64b. more stable. try it out, if you're into rss feeds. windows only.

the register: judge jackson is a big fat idiot. but microsoft is still in the fire ...

cerfcube. tiny linux box.

phphead: phpslice beats php-nuke.

freshmeat: powertweak-linux.

santa fe new mexican: carlene carter and howie epstein (bassist for tom petty) get snagged in a car theft/drug bust here in santa fe. black-tar heroin, passing bad checks. a cry for help, obviously.

santa fe new mexican: the rio grande is dry, no longer forming a natural boundary between texas and mexico. we've had a ton of rain this year, but the years of drought can't be made up in one wet winter ...

reuters: house votes to ban great lakes oil drilling. this whole 'energy crisis' thing ... the public, and the politicians, aren't buying it. thank goodness.

xml parsing with javascript.

ny observer: the backstory of disney's dismal 'atlantis' ...

inside.com: removing the unpaid-for content. each style of use is a separate fee; we wouldn't be in this mess if the publishers had observed the status quo in copyright law ...

nando times: takin' the 'a' twain ...

maccentral: useful tips for apple software updates.

freshmeat: apache toolbox.

groupit ... php content management.

linuxjournal: why is microsoft attacking the gpl?

web file protection.

8wire: setting up bsd/os, part one.

wired: survivor 3 isn't getting a warm reception.

ny times: jack lemmon obituary. the world is better for his performances.

ny times: court vacates microsoft breakup; assigns new judge. i have to admit, i agree that judge jackson crossed a 'line of propriety'. a shame; we'll all suffer for his indiscretion.

i can't say as i'm very happy with images.google.com indexing images without my permission. their interface invites copying, i don't think anyone can argue with that assessment. as with microsoft 'smart tags', google assumes you're opt-in until you opt-out. here's where to find out how to opt-out. as if i need to waste my time with another opt-out meta tag ...

meetings out the wazoo this morning; posts later, towards noontime. no smart tags, yeah, baby ...