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fri 22 jun 01 :: discuss :: permalink :: lastmod = pst

back from appointments, that i'll relate information about next week. in the meantime, it's off to the santa fe rodeo! [digital camera in hand this time]

not quite up to my usual weblogging today. my apologies.

ny times: rumsfeld on missile defense before congress. after reading this, i'm afraid. very afraid.

ny times: air quality rules to protect park vistas. the smoky mountains pic is disingenuous. they're always hazy, hence 'smoky'. they should have shown the grand canyon, and the result of plants in california ...

ny times: shlunkendorf journal. hmmm. they've got white asparagus at whole foods; wonder if it's the same thing ...?

reuters: 'better suv fuel standards may be needed.' well, duh ...

thisislondon: 'anti-vandal' sculpture vandalized. throw down a gauntlet, and they will come ...

washington post: national endowment for the arts gains $10 mil.

betanews: win2000 accelerator beta.

la times: consumers can't bank on privacy protection.

zdnet: don't use the word 'aim' ...

ft.com: who needs a palm, when you can have a nokia?

cnet: net cemetery.

weird stuff happening here today.