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rolling my own blackout ... see you folks tomorrow!

lilliput motor company; toys from the pre-digital era. not just neat toys ... a great website and logo treatment as well. i still have my first schuco wind-up racer ...

reuters: horrors! a 2 foot alligator loose in central park. might lose your big toe ...

1945, post atomic national defense. what's changed?


if you're in brooklyn on saturday, you might want to join the coney island mermaid parade ... somebody take pictures, please ...

wilson quarterly: the lost promise of american railroads.

salon: modern gizmos make plotting a nightmare for writers. ben-hur racing hummers? lady chatterly and prozac? de saint exupery and a gps unit?

the times of india: president bush needs a lesson in geography, say british schoolchildren.

apple updates os x to 10.0.4. use the 'software update' control panel to grab it.

cnn: the presbyterians are becoming moderate ...

okay, i have to belly up to the bar and admit i'm one of those 'cusp' people. you know, the ones just before the pocket calculator came out at a decent price point. what did we use in school? a slide rule. for some strange reason, i want one. didn't realize they were so rare these days.

motherjones: the anti-anti-bullying backlash.

motherjones: if i had a missile. flash animation. sorry if you've seen it already, but it's apropos.

slashdot: do spammers have first amendment rights? a senator thinks so.

kumo: smil. smil a little smil for me ... rosemarie ...

town hall: william f. buckley jr. reads an abercrombie & fitch catalog.

the american prospect: environmental toxins may be boosting cancer rates. in children, "... from 1973-1996, acute lymphocytic leukemia increased 17 percent. brain cancer jumped 26 percent."

thomas jefferson's 1779 bill for religious freedom.

mac central: ambrosia exec: os x is slower than os 9. 'optimization' and 'performance tweaks' are required.

remember, 7 pm to 10 pm tonight, roll your own blackout. [see yesterday's posts]

happy anniversary, mr. and mrs. blivet.

the register is hot today. microsoft, or new.net? compromising the internet?

the register is ungodly, too.

santa fe new mexican: it's rodeo time in santa fe.

nytimes op-ed: the delicate nuclear missile balance. playing with fire.

nytimes: business leaders meet at the bush white house.

nytimes reports on the cycling 'tour de suisse'. bortolami over armstrong at the moment.

ah, here it comes. i was wondering when this was going to happen. i've just received three calls from the same outfit, based on domain names i have registered at network solutions.

reason: copyright? copywrong.

chicago tribune: forget stock. invest in violins.

the times.uk: looting is big business.

bbc sci-tech: dna fingerprinting wines. i've never tasted a counterfeit wine; have you?

vaults of parnassus: peerkat.

geeknews: video feed of the solar eclipse.

the register delves into 'stealth detection' technology ...

macnn: new smartdisk usb readers for compactflash, etc.

linux today: vector linux 2.0 released.

kuro5hin: monsanto's roundup ultra. remember, lobbyists from monsanto are now serving in the environmental departments of the u.s. government, thanks to mr. bush.

the register: ban windows 'minesweeper'?

slashdot: no 'smart tags' in europe. guess they're not that smart, then.

it's a beautiful day, with a nice cool breeze ...

off at a morning business meeting. postings soon.