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wed 23 may 01

ah-hah! so, susan and alwin think to catch us out! sorry, but i have drunk the alienoidz kool-aid. i can *prove* their meeting was a hoax ... check this out.

the consulate general of sri lanka has a manila site?! wow.

'kaycee' hits the oklahoman. if anyone sent 'debbie' pictures, you'd best beware.

whoops. looks like we need to do more mouse remediation. just saw another little bugger jogging down our adobe wall. that's what i get for relocating oscar the bullsnake ...

heaven. back to extreme chocolate met-rx.

nytimes: ashcroft speaks about the 2nd amendment. most attorneys will tell you a strict reading of the constitution does not intend individuals to bear arms outside of a militia construct. it's funny how 'strict constructionists' waffle on this one. of course, the constitution is not a paragon of clarity: "a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." to be honest, it feels like a leftover from frontier days long past. that being said, there are many times in my life now when i've been happy that we bore arms in the wilderness. i will leave this one to those who are most familiar with the issues.

just got back from a meeting downtown. okay, someone explain this to me. you come to santa fe to see history and artwork, and take a vacation, right? costs roughly 200+ a day to stay in the area at a nice hotel. so i'm on canyon road, home of fabulous artwork, meeting with a client. a tour bus stops, parks, and lets about twenty tourists out to go shop for a half-hour. what do the tourists do? do they rush the galleries, rush for the public bathroom? nope. they all gather 'round a bianchi green bmw z3 convertible and start taking pictures. i tell you, i just don't connect with average america any more.

the local peabody, kansas paper on the kaycee story. better article than msnbc. i'll take local over national, any day. looks like the fbi is involved now; given the interstate and international aspects of this situation, i figured that would happen.

oh no! they're REAL? no wait ... someone photoshopped out their drinks ... conspiracy! conspiracy!

nytimes: bush putting team in place to assault regulation. do corporations or businesses police themselves? look at the history. swim in the houston ship channel. breathe the air over by three mile island. go visit a strip mine. are there catalytic converters on airplanes (nope)? or, just observe the ford/firestone finger-pointing.

nytimes op-ed: robert redford, bush vs. the american landscape:

"drilling for oil in the arctic national wildlife refuge is but a piece of a plan that makes oil and gas exploration and development fair game on nearly all of our public lands, even extraordinary places that were awarded protection as national monuments by the previous administration. the upper missouri breaks in montana, grand staircase-escalante monument in utah, and vermillion basin in northwestern colorado may all become subject to exploitation. it's nonsense to think new oil and gas exploration and development won't destroy these incomparable wild places."

reuters: pearl harbor survivors steal show at premiere. lucky that all our carriers were out to sea on the day of the attack; if they hadn't been, we'd be working for mitsubishi.

bbc: 'virgin of guadalupe' stays put here in santa fe. sort of.

wired: fiddling with e-text sale numbers.

mac versiontracker: mac ssh 2.1b8.

maccentral: looks like corel will fully support mac os x by this summer. bryce, too!

security focus: white house website woes.

attrition.org can no longer keep up with the number of defaced sites.

slashdot: security through varying ips.

gamelan: sniffing out packet sniffers.

gamelan: securing java code.

the register: multiple flaws in cisco router software exposed.

morningstar: will apple buy handspring?

macnn: macapp release 15.

linux programming: soup, a c soap implementation. clean and nutritious at the same time?

kuro5hin: ban the dirty dozen toxic chemicals.

kuro5hin: saving the banner ad system.

geeknews: uncle sam wants you to be a security geek. one's iowa state ... uh-oh.

geeknews: new os.

freshmeat: personal weblog, phprojekt (groupware).

i had my head wrapped around some complex actionscript in flash last night; taking a bit to restore coordination. be with the links soon.

queso: death is not always the worst option. a little wake-up, like strong whiff of ammonia ...

whoof. get up, turn on the machine, what's the first email i get? neon green spam. "johnny golfballs".