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tue 22 may 01

again, i urge folks to read being real. and i *never* repeat links.

much gold in here, about virtual personalities ...

what have we learned from the kaycee hoax? i like simple. how 'bout two words? "don't assume." even though they're stamped on my forehead, i still make that mistake ...

alternating run/lift days with biking ... approaching fitness again.

back from the evening mtn bike ride. there's this great turn, after a long downhill. it's almost ninety degrees, about four inches deep in sand ... with a nice chain cholla cactus waiting at the end. think i'll call 'er medusa. man, is she mean. your back tire washes out, and you think you've bought it. transfer some weight, pedal ... and she's history.

nytimes: a republican senator may jump ship. and another wonders. didn't i feel an earth tremor ... ?

cnn: house gives final approval to ww2 memorial.

cnn, with a web md sticker on the top right: beware of health info on the web. "health information on the internet is inefficient, incomplete and incomprehensible to many americans ..."

versiontracker mac: update to form•z. i'll wait for the os x native version before updating, i believe ...

well, they've put images of the innocent victim on msnbc. local law enforcement is investigating? has anyone independently verified that one?

nytimes book review: rediscovering john adams. also, the eternal frontier. "frontier" may be a book to help non-americans understand our relationship with resources, and our national difficulty with conservation.

nytimes: what came before the big bang. a fascinating read. highly, highly recommended. 'eternal inflation', multiple big bangs, a seemingly endless expanding universe. brings up many, many thoughts and dreams ...

reuters: scientists find possible alzheimer's 'cure'. supposedly years away, but the good news is it looks like they can *stop* it.

netscape news: python swallows baby. i don't know about this one ...

cnn: polling the bush energy initiative. scroll down to the 'do you think dick cheney has too much power?' question and read. 113% of people think he has too much power. a typo, of course. but worthy of a chuckle, given the nature of the question ...

chezmark led me to flexify, at the flaming pear download site. photoshop plugins, and other stuff.

pesticides used by coffee growers. many of these pesticides are illegal for use in the united states. but not foreign countries. this is also the case with foreign vegetables and fruits (looked at where your grapes come from lately? chile maybe?). if president bush gets 'fast track' trade authority, without environmental and labor requirements attached ... will this situation get worse? anyway, wash your vegetables and fruits. and as for coffee ... well ...

craig's "on hiatus" from hiatus. nothing like a little vacation to clear the head. i should do it.

phillyfuture.org! in php-nuke. congrats, karl! everyone, update your links.

another great article by judith donath: being real. haughey's joke yesterday was more prescient than one might have thought. it seems it doesn't take much effort to fool a human in human/computer conversations. our 'insight' into others ... well, read the article.

on today's menu in the studio: flash, and perl scripts. where's mr. peabody when i need him ...

i've sent an email to the author of that article about 'identity and deception' that i posted last night. i hope she joins the conversation.

american prospect: kicking the hobbit. sounds like a buddhist text ...

faz: philosophical works, in pictures?

nytimes: ww 2 monument on the mall. i sincerely hoped they wouldn't compromise that wonderful 'negative space' between the washington and lincoln monuments ...

business 2.0: enter the decentralized zone.

infoworld: qwest to expand dsl out west. good. fabulous. now when do *i* get it?

zdnet: decoding microsoft's open source argument.

osopinion: magnets, megamarts, microsoft and mundie.

sqlwire: securing your sql server.

zdnet: aol raises rates. no ads. better.

cnet: aol raises subscription rates by 1.95. *sigh*. big ads. sorry, this was the only place i could find this story. i'll replace it later ...

motley fool: iomega's president and ceo hits the highway, too.

zope.org: contentor content management tool.

xmlhack: here's some good stuff, finally. schema quality checker, dmci release rdf toolkit, metadata processing framework. whenever i see the word 'metadata', i think of iowa. as if all metadata is stored and processed out there. now why is that?

geez, everyone's linking stuff eons old. been there, read that.

rootprompt: worried when solving network problems?

the register: motorola unveils low-power powerpc g4 plus chip.

newsforge: ceo of mandrakesoft leaves company.

i guess i'm up too early. few updates to the usual sites!

the register: longest email disclaimer awards.

kur05hin: america online *operating system*?

freshmeat: koffice beta.

the kaycee faq. everything you wanted, and didn't want, to know about 'kaycee.' what a strange set of circumstances. as i had theorized yesterday, the pics of the girl we knew as 'kaycee' seem to have been a 'real' girl, who is still alive today and completely unaware of this 'unauthorized' use. she's a pretty good basketball player ...