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thu 17 may 01

just begun reading the 'energy policy' particulars. it is depressing. time to go to bed.

erwin rommel, the desert fox. the last of the knights.

sun-tzu, the art of war.

napoleon, the pbs site.

napoleon bonaparte internet guide.

my world-wide friends, what do you think of this: the cadillac escalade, with six liter v8 engine? i've seen at least a dozen of these around santa fe, always driven solo, never leaving the highway. once upon a time, the first thing you read in a review like this was miles per gallon. not any more, unfortunately. but don't you feel sorry for our 'high gas price' woes? we might not be able to drive these 'babies' around much longer ... not at the rate these suckers drink fuel ... gosh, the world's so unfair ... (sarcasm, please).

cbs: 'the amazing race' doesn't sound so bad. let's hope there's more of passepartoute than 'dingo jeff' influence working ...

cnn: more news of the c.s.s. hunley.

zope.org: zope product for creating webshops. in *russian*.

blivet caught a live one, via rafe: misinformation and scare tactics, by jimmy carter. re: bush energy policy.

another update for bbedit ... 6.1.2 :::: the laundry list of fixes.

i would comment further on the bush energy policy, but i want to see the text first. i refuse to repeat my mistakes from the past; i want the copy in my hot little laptop here before i rant and rave. i'm looking, but if anyone else sees a full-text online version, drop me a line. i want to study this sucker ... i found the overview last night (last posting), but haven't found the payload. later: dumbmonkey comes through with the goods. logical place. why didn't i think of that?

brill's content looks at weblogs. "human portals." via always-surpassingly-excellent wood s lot.

the hydrogen and fuel cell investor.

santa fe new mexican: wouldn't you just love to have 'hot' plutonium dump areas between your kids' skate park and the public pool ... and nobody doing anything about it? be glad you don't live in los alamos, friends. once again, where's the national news media for a story like this?

nytimes op-ed: presenting the flip side of the nuclear power issue. nuke may be a deadly 'magic bullet.'

reuters: parrot dials police emergency number. polly want a bobby ...

art newspaper: o'keeffe bio movie cancelled. they got on-site and fiorentino didn't cooperate? good grief. a bit late, that ...

globe and mail: lola.

versiontracker: tcl/tk 8.3.3, mac.

village voice: the dna bomb. could someone develop a virus targeted specifically to your dna? sounds like it might be real ...

you can get a 1ghz athlon notebook immediately, from compaq.

online journalism review: blogged down in the pr machine.

phplens has a new beta out.

cnn: europe seen leading the way for internet standard.

slashdot: happy birthday, world wide web. you're ten years old?

bbc: everyone in europe descended from seven women.

xmlhack: algebra for schemas and uri's.

webreference: taking your talent to the web, and evolution of a home page (css 3-column).

wired: internet2 is vulnerable to denial of service attacks, too.

unix review looks at os x. i get dns errors trying to access; try again later.

the register: easy cd creator seems to be death for win2k machines ...

the register: some issues with ms win2k sp2 update. you may have to reapply some security hotfixes.

macnn: ibuild bills itself as a hypercard replacement. oh, and if you're going to wwdc, you can see the preview of webstar 5.

linuxplanet: opera raises the bar for linux browsers.

kuro5hin's having open forum on 'the disclosure project' ... ufo coverups, again.

geeknews: windows media player 7.1.

freshmeat: soap.py.


a little story, from the tao:


chuangtse and hueitse had strolled on to the bridge over the hao, when the former observed, "see how the small fish are darting about! that is the happiness of the fish."

"you not being a fish yourself," said hueitse, "how can you know the happiness of the fish?"

"and you not being i," retorted chuangtse, "how can you know that i do not know?"

"if i, not being you, cannot know what you know," urged hueitse, "it follows that you, not being a fish, cannot know the happiness of the fish."

"let us go back to your original question," said chuangtse. "you asked me how I knew the happiness of the fish. your very question shows that you knew that i knew. i knew it (from my own feelings) on this bridge."


yeah, well ... it's 12:19 a.m., and i'm still working on a project. so much for reading in bed. might as well flip the day; save myself some time in the morning.