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wed 16 may 01

nytimes: text overview of the bush/cheney task force for 'national energy policy.'

the queen of swords? where was i when this was on tv?

i'm afraid most of my flights of fancy tonight are going to lead me right to my pillow. i've pulled umberto eco's "island of the day before" from the shelves, which i've tried to read in the past ... but never succeeded getting into. now i'm giving it greater effort, with more rewards (i think). i'll let you know.

ack. been dismembering a chicken tonight. of course, once that was done, i belly up to the barbecue, and it runs out of propane. ok, switch tactics; put it in the oven. make rice ... the ghosts of 'survivor' must be watching. i have made the stickiest basmati known to man. how did i manage it? by not remembering the proper amount of water. two beers later, and i'm taking it all in stride. at least i can't screw up a salad ... sure about that, are you?

santa fe new mexican: last frost date (may 15) has passed. everyone, to the garden center! i have a tray of basil ready to be planted sitting on the counter right now. good olive oil, ripe tomatoes, crusty bread toasted over a grill, and basil. mmmmmm. a few recipes at the bottom.

nytimes: indian food in the big apple. my mouth waters reading this ... remembering many lunches taken over by the east river.

nytimes: lifting sanctions against iraq? coming so soon after the u.n. human rights vote-off, one has to wonder.

machttp.org. it's back!

iaslash, news for information architects.

nytimes op-ed: massachusetts co2 initiatives may be worthwhile for the rest of the country.

cnn: nepal opens more mountains to international climbers.

the decline in fashion photography; an argument in pictures. via via xblog.

xmlhack: rdf mailing list, and an open-source xml/rdf publishing framework project.

well, beautiful calculator does look better than standard windows fare, but ... oh, *skins*. o.k.

macworld: macromedia freehand 10 leapfrogs illustrator to carbon compatibility.

nasa earth observatory: desert dust aggravates droughts. thereby expanding the desert further. gives new impetus to groundcover initiatives and good farming practices.

nytimes: litigating upwind pollution. we all hang together, or we will surely hang separately ...

nytimes: the bush/cheney energy task force has been working 'in private.' won't reveal who they've talked to.

reuters: trent lott gets 'scolded' ...

guardian.uk: why writers improve with age.

reason: a review of 'free speech on campus.'

washington post: nobody whistles anymore.

sydney morning herald: the 'mozart effect' industry. if i hear another tape-loop with 'eine kleine' mixed in, i'll scream ... once a day is fine. twenty times a day ...?

internet product watch: xmlink, a 'soap-compliant xml based connector.'

geek.com: how the rich stay rich. negotiate those benefits ... and severance sums ... up front.

many of my usual news sources seem dry this morning. i guess we're still losing momentum ...

zope.org: extensible user folder.

xmlhack: xml infoset is now a candidate recommendation ...

webreference: dhtml heirarchical menus 4.0.10.

ssn: interpol's getting serious about it crime. check their page.

science daily: a really *light* computer. that works at quantum speeds ...

slashdot: u.s. intellectual property law goes global. long.

the register also has a 'slimmer' win2k sp2 download ...

the register: email top cause of workplace stress. slightly misleading; top *support* stress-maker, that is.

the register: beenz denies 'canning.'

linuxtoday: what's happening to nautilus, and other packages (eazel).

kuro5hin: kids, hacking and human rights.

geeknews: directv has a problem with ... well, pirates.

the 'quit slashdot' movement.

freshmeat: html::embperl, mysqlnavigator.

i believe i saw a new star last night.