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mon 14 may 01

an hour on the mountain bike, racing coyotes and jackrabbits and trains, and i'm just about all in.

of scenes of nature,
fields and mountains,
of skies so beauteous after a storm,
and at night the moon so unearthly bright
... i dream, i dream, i dream.
-- walt whitman.

of course, i have a bunch of theories about the outbreak of 'hiatus' ... but the trend is not quite clear yet. it has to do with the moon being in the seventh house, and the earth aligned with mars ...

hiatuswatch: toodle-oo, loobylu, we'll miss u.

postings will be a little slow this afternoon ... trying to download the win2k sp2 update. 42% done. i'll be finished in a coupla hours ...

slashdot: microsoft admits to backdoor in iis.

webreference: evolution of rss, updated.

physicsweb: carbon dating may need some adjustments. though, one has to admit, expecting anything on earth to be a 'constant', may be a bit naive ...

bbc: secret of matter vs. antimatter discovered.

windows 2000 service pack 2. download link. 101 mb


cnn: yoko, an artist, and copyright law.

'get on the bus' ... i needed to hear that today. thanks! but won't lemons burn?

santa fe new mexican: pay phone calls make a huge jump from 35 cents to 50 cents.

the times.uk: seems like castro likes colin powell.

kumo is a great informational site, for web programming.

frontier on os x: setting up frontier and apache.

happy b-day to mr. traumwind. and keep that yam-ering to a minimum, please (yaml, yamc, etc. etc.) ... (grin) ...

nytimes book review: 'american chica'.

reuters: shipping firm to offer funeral service. another example of mindless ocean dumping. 'make room! make room! is soylent green around the corner?

reuters: burning hamster.

cnn: medical marijuana gets torched by the supreme court. so, when are 'scholarly researchers' going to do a study that proves it alleviates pain?

the times.uk literary supplement: maps are for stealing.

washington post: the tragedy of aliteracy. more americans choose *not* to read. by pushing to include the lowest common denominator, do we lower the entire conversation?

nytimes: marrying music and creativity online.

telegraph.uk: 'shrek' is well-liked at cannes; re-cut 'apocalypse now' is a yawn.

globe and mail: is a 'business model' the best model for *everything*?

mac os x: phototoweb, stone studio. get pix on the web, fast.

sfgate thinks palm has the edge on windows pda's. after owning a newton, i don't care about form factor ... what's happening with the os, and where is it going?

the webby awards get a mention in the chicago tribune.

zope.org: zope membership component, debugging zope with wing ide (see freshmeat listings below!).

xmlhack: xmlquery from microsoft.

anandtech: athlon 4.

canada computes book review: gnu emacs pocket ref.

reactor core: how to migrate your system to a different hard drive.

the register: 13 year old, accused of hacking, takes his own life.

freshmeat: update to mysql, phpmymultibackup (backup mysql databases on multiple servers), mysitemaker (perl script to make front ends for mysql databases), wing_ide (an ide for python, linux *and* windows).

i'll have postings up in a few minutes. a morning meeting with no coffee or refreshments. gotta get something to eat first ...