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sat 12 may 01

watched 'the tao of steve,' filmed in santa fe. low budget. decent soundtrack, if a little perky. (i just wanna be your) steve mcqueen. the film seems a bit surreal; we're seldom that green ... but the relationships depicted are not surreal enough. if you've lived here, you know what i mean ...

steve ilg, fitness guru, whose book 'the outdoor athlete' i worship, has a site now: wholistic fitness. his recommendations have worked for me ...

1/2 boiled linseed oil, 1/2 mineral spirits ... oiling woodwork on the outside of the house. the wood apparently hasn't been done in quite a while; it's soaking it up almost immediately. a pint went into one beam alone, and i might have to do it again tomorrow. staked the aspens so they won't get beaten by the wind. the front door is no longer brown, it is now a shade of dark teal green. all in all, a productive day. tomorrow: planting basil, staking roses, more woodwork.

just got back from town ... and what do i find in my email box? pictures of vreeland, holland, where my ancestors lived prior to their 1638 trip to the new world. wow. i want to live in the house behind the boat (last picture) ... jan-willem, i can't thank you enough.

btw, 86 octane gas prices have gone up to 1.75 here in santa fe.

zdnet/ecommerce: xml savvy is in demand.

xmlhack: p3p deployment features.

xmlinfo's an interesting site concept; really three sites.

xml101: saving html form data to xml. there's also an article over there called 'soap soup' ...

an advertisement in the eldorado sun: "is your stucco yucco?". erk.

now that warmer weekends are here, there's definitely a downward trend in weekend traffic on the old blog ...

well, now that frontier's on os x, i guess it's time to belly up and buy the new system. bbedit's carbonized, i wonder when photoshop will be?

uh-oh. as 'organic' foods meet mass-production, nutrition and other things fall by the wayside.

nytimes: book review of two texts covering the david irving holocaust denial trial.

nytimes: bush is placing industry insiders in top environment jobs. this is wrong. monsanto makes posilac, otherwise known as bovine growth hormone. they make 300-500 million a year just in america off the product. 1/4 to 1/3 of their sales goes to their lobbying efforts. monsanto is also one of the top ten corporations for toxic waste releases. they are also one of the leading proponents of genetically-modified plants. now i ask you, is there a single current example of an industry policing itself? would *you* trust these people?

reuters: new miss universe, miss puerto rico. just caught her gown promenade last night; quite a little wiggle as she walked. figure it's got something to do with flywheels and conservation of energy ... (grin) ...

reuters: yesterday was the anniversary of bob marley's demise. thousands were "jammin'" ...

cnn: the inspiration for 'animal house' is dumped off-campus. passing by one of the princeton eating clubs, years ago, my dad and i peeked in when we heard a ruckus going on. lo and behold, there were about eight strapping young men in boxer shorts holding another man in boxers upside down, dunking his head in a bucket and roaring at the top of their lungs. dad looked at me, shook his head, and said: "the ivy league isn't what it used to be."

update to apple open transport, 2.7.6. for os 9.1.

msnbc: hot jobs in bioinformatics.

about linux: moving to linux, part one: the emergency.

the register: bad.

played with limewire last night.

linuxtoday: deathknell for eazel?

kuro5hin's started a discussion about microsoft's new subscription license.

forget missile defense. clone dracula.

php, incyte project manager. limited, but nicely done.

douglas adams, of 'hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' fame, has passed away suddenly of a heart attack. most major news, and blogs, are carrying the story.

a bit of trolling, then i'm off ...

sun's shining, wind's blowing ... enough to obsure the mountains with dust. again.