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thu 10 may 01

looked at a bottle of 'crystal springs' water tonight; fine print says "source: albuquerque municipal water." note to self ... read fine print.

"serious cloudage" ... thanks, 2020. new cool phrase for the old verbal arsenal ...

hey, trevor. nice to have met you. just fyi, you read a weblog from the bottom of the day, upwards. links get added at the top as the day progresses.

cnn: it was a fast extinction ...

i think there's an epidemic of hiatus ... the curmudge is the latest. have a great summer, my friend.

spent the last hour trying to get htmlgen working with python 2.1 on my mac. the module reads fine; just when running htmltest.test() i get a "'htmltest' module has no attribute 'test'" error. any ideas?

times of india: the u.s. spat with china has interesting consequences. each iteration begets new fractals ...

cnn-fn: terra lycos is giving earthlink and cnet the eyeball ... for purchase?

irish times: get a dyson machine, sucker.

the register: opera 5 for linux to ship next week.

kuro5hin: jackass four sentenced ... to read books. truly a post of beauty, this ...

freshmeat: an update to blender.

cnn: house votes to withhold u.n. dues. good grief. acting like a spoiled child. the house tends to be more reactionary ...

new scientist: less than 50 people generated the entire population of europe. demographic history from the genome.

new scientist: nuclear terrorism is a real possibility, and chances are it won't be missiles.

santafe.edu: gödel's theorem.

kumo: intro to python for you and me.

since it's started a meme, you'll be happy to note that 'oscar' the bullsnake has not reappeared. his enforced 'relocation' seems to have been effective.

nytimes: how fuel cells work.

nytimes: looking at the need for new power lines out west. use common sense, boys, before laying those cables. i don't want leukemia either ...

nytimes: reason. washington will resume talks with north korea.

reuters: open-air urinals to save national gallery? i was quite shocked the first time i saw this type of behavior in manhattan ... by wall-streeters in business suits on south broadway, of all places. i assume it still goes on ...

national post: looks like everyone's excited about cannes this year.

oklahoman: native american tribes 'at crossroads'. sponsored by sandia pueblo (albuquerque) and the corcoran gallery.

american art: american modernism in retrospect.

new virus defs for most of the windows virus software, over on windowstracker.

zope: zswgenerator. flash and zope.

webreference explains jxta.

osopinion: in defense of the gpl.

bsdtoday: how to set up a virtual private network.

security portal: why openbsd will never be as secure as linux.

the register: amd's 'palomino' will ship as 'athlon 4.'

macnn: microsoft internet explorer 5.1 for mac due this summer.

macnn: viewsonic lowers its 17" lcd monitor below $1000.

linuxplanet: looking at linux mandrake 8.

zdnet: caldera to introduce 'modified' open source license.

geeknews: adventures in installing linux.

temperature management is beginning to require some attention here. cool mornings, but the afternoons are starting to creep up.