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mon 07 may 01

goodnight, all. down for some shuteye.

the moon's a balloon tonight. big. red-rimmed.

doy. just discovered topozone. here's the railway i follow (atchison, topeka and santa fe).

evolt: stop all the gripes. developing user-friendly flash content.

i'm driving along, listening to the radio. cell phone rings. i pick it up. a scream. "there's a bull snake! what do i do?" i look at myself in the rear view mirror, and calmly answer: "lie down. easier for him to swallow you that way." the caller wasn't amused.

updating more in my directory. it is shocking, sobering how many sites i bookmarked in the last two months ... gone. zip ... disappeared off the face of the internet. or, in some cases, moved to 'pay for a peek' business models.

tikkun: surviving the bush and sharon years.

store in galisteo, new mexico:

reuters: i have to comment. bush warns of 'new style of protectionism'. labor and environmental standards? aren't those called 'human rights'? and, you don't really mind paraquat in your coffee? it's a good reason to buy kona ...


nytimes/ap: foot-and-mouth has surfaced in brazil.

cnn student: salsa in ... the netherlands? and why not ...?

sunday times of london: comment, blair should keep a close eye on america. lots of interesting information here. the proposed european defense force would be *autonomous*, not part of nato. europe sent their own team to talk to the koreans?


sunday times of london: the talented mr. ridley. ridley scott, that is.

times of india: india may begin unmanned moon missions. bravo.

reuters: binoche and del toro in a controversial new film.

smarty php template engine. scroll down for info.

a gradually biodegrading adobe in galisteo, new mexico:

it is spring. we're having hummingbird, quail and lizard 'wars' outside the windows. everyone's fighting over the girls.

excerpts from a 1910 roosevelt campaign speech. of note: "there can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains." and a paraphrase: "... farmers should not 'skin the land and leave it worthless to their children.'" there was an interesting concept, which should have been incorporated as a precedent. during the hetch hetchy reservoir imbroglio, the concept of 'exhausting all other alternatives' before tapping protected national resources.

john muir: an appreciation. by theodore roosevelt.

continuing from yesterday: the encyclopedia americana on teddy roosevelt. a good read. we need this man today.

craig, thanks for your excellence at booknotes. i will miss your posts, but i understand ... i understand.

santa fe new mexican: wipp wants to expand. remember, they don't only take stuff from los alamos, but from all over the country. austin is almost directly east of carslbad, with westerly winds. store stuff outside for a year? higher radioactivity? lovely options, guys. next thing you know, you'll be storing them in fiberglass drums under canvas tents, just like los alamos. then all you've done is change geography.

nytimes book review: the peppered moth.

come to think of it, my gas prices here are nowhere near where they were last summer. are anyones? we're at a 1.69. we were almost 2.00 last summer.

reuters: wolf chased through downtown stockholm.

between this report on reuters and this report on cnn, i can't figure out if we have enough crude, or not enough. but they both seem to want to blame anti-smog regulations for driving prices up. so what regulations have changed since last summer? will there be a shortage, and why? later: dan clears things up.

faz: russia and germany in deadlock over looted art. if i remember correctly, schliemann's original trojan finds are included with this ...

complete review: where have all the book reviews gone? gone to watch jerry springer, every one ...

zdnet: why b2b went bust.

zope: htmldocument product release.

webreference: xhtml, handling media types.

scientific american: supercavitation.

bsd today: a permanent fix for bind 8.

mozilla 0.9 sneak preview.

unixreview: the top 50 things to know to pass the sair exam 103.

the register.uk: the e-fridge. forget burglary; raid a neighbor's ice box ...

the register.uk: former ms execs think linux is the future.

compositor for mac looks like fun.

macnn: myst 3: exile ships today.

kuro5hin: vitriol abounds in this thread: what if aids were a lie?

geeknews: being a webmaster can be dangerous.