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sun 06 may 01

oops. got some other stuff to do tonight; may not be back with you till the morrow.

nytimes: america the ugly. europe's view of america, esp. re: bush.

mailboxes in galisteo, new mexico:

just got back; working on some new photos.

eye caramba.

gabrielle de montmollin dropped me a note about new photos, and a show in toronto ...

on that note, since it's a relatively dry news day ... i'm off to do other things. see ya later.

i hope the ghost of teddy roosevelt wakes dick cheney up on a nightly basis. later: some readers didn't understand my allusion to roosevelt in reference to dick cheney. does this help?

thank goodness, after perusing a dozen or so op-ed pages today, the entire bush administration seems to be getting held to a higher standard. it won't change the administration, but let's hope those americans who know how to read, will.

boston globe: if cheney succeeds in opening the bridger-teton wilderness, and grand teton national park to drilling ... i am going to get very, very angry. looks like i'll have to get up there soon to do some 'farewell' backpacking and picture-taking.

nytimes: the pope goes to a mosque, but centuries-old battle lines still remain inscribed in stone.

nytimes: the perfect model, made of pixels.

nytimes: energy conservation a critical feature of any energy policy. the headline today.

reuters: the latest polls on bush's 'energy policy' disturb me. the apathy of the american citizen remains the overriding political force.

cnn: princeton university elects its first woman president.

the independent.uk: interview with paul theroux. may 3

dallas morning news: looking at seamus heaney.

the telegraph.uk: art driven to abstraction.

sciencedaily: possible anti-tumor agent found.

vaults of parnassus: soap library for python.

alumni email accounts.

linuxtoday: emacspeak release.

sunny, almost 40 degrees. will it warm up? i think so.