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sat 05 may 01

rented two movies for the weekend, 'la letrice' and 'the dreamlife of angels.' time to toss a coin.

we've got a fluffed-up hummingbird, trying to stay warm and close to our feeders, sitting in the butterfly bush outside the office window. poor little guy (or girl).

five reasons to raise hell about the american missile defense system. from the canadian perspective. thanks, r.s.

santa fe new mexican: the native americans who sit under the portale in santa fe's plaza are getting online. i hope they give them *meaningful* training. maybe i should poke my big nose in ...

even the new york times can't resist reviewing the 'survivor' finale. in africa, however, for the next one ... how will they prevent hepatitis c?

nytimes: kill that lawn. save water, maybe even eat healthy.

nytimes: yow, the kentucky derby looks like the national finals rodeo this year.

open acs (open ars digita community system), ported to postgresql.

just got back. it's still snowing in the mountains, a sprinkling of rain around. cold and windy now. good day to curl up and smell the furniture.

use.perl.org: new modules for the week.

vaults of parnassus: blender, decision analysis, period.

slashdot has a thread about unmanned combat aircraft; i found the article more interesting.

itworld: burned by a firewall.

the register: excite.com may shut down!

nytimes: 'home-style hacking?' ... wasn't that 'gyro gearloose clever innovation' once upon a time?

kuro5hin looks at 'channel one', and it's place in our school systems. feeding targeted marketing messages to a captive audience.

stardock releases skinstudio.


cool. retro. a sinclair z81 emulator for linux.

well, i'll look on the bright side. instead of being just partly cloudy, it's party sunny, and instead of being just cold, it could be worse ... it could still be snowing.

i was looking forward to a t-shirt and shorts weekend ...

oh, how could i forget? happy cinco de mayo. [grumble, grumble ...]

i'll be filling the erstwhile directory more as the days and weeks go on, and i'll replace the current links page with this creation once zope 'siteroot' is properly installed.

there's ice on the ground, it's cold and breezy ... and i've been coerced into going to a morning flea market. erk. probably rusty tricycles and even rustier coffee ...