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tue 01 may 01

did anyone else watch 'merchants of cool' on pbs? corporations control teens control corporations, in one huge feedback loop. only it's nowhere near as authentically cool as a hendrix feedback loop at the original woodstock ...

techreview: an interview with gordon moore, of "moore's law."

kuro5hin: freedom to post. oh yeah, i know *exactly* what you're talking about ...

linux focus: how to avoid buffer overflows.

lots of updates from the apple announcement, check macnn.

dang ... happens every time. here i go get the kodak 4800, and nikon brings out a new model. dpreview has a line on a 990 for 649. rats. i might've been able to scare that up ...

okay, okay ... so i had to break out the petzl headlamp, so i could see what the heck i was barbecueing ...

8:20 pm ... the reason i can sit here, blog and barbecue, is because i have french doors to my office, directly to the patio. in case you were wondering.

and how are all of you this fine evening?

8:16 pm ... oh, and there are some very happy birds singing themselves to sleep as the remainder of light slips away. i see the grey shadow of a coyote cross the road. i see the moon almost directly overhead, shining bright.

8:12 pm, and i'm standing outside doing the first barbecue of the year. would've happened sooner, if i hadn't buried all the barbecue stuff in the garage. sun's going down, way down, i've got a pint of guinness in my left, a barbecue fork in my right, and chicken on the grill ... with bruschetta coming.

the sun came out hot today; the poor blue flax flowers just shriveled since morning. it's brutal by late june; you can feel your skin fry. time to go for those sunblocks ...

reuters: i guess bush may not be so scary after all. italy's center-right party, if it wins, will scrap 60,000 out of roughly 77,000 laws.

nytimes: 'oh my god, you bore me.' a life of jung.

nytimes: don't know much about bush. or, the media's avoiding issues like the plague. 41% *less* coverage than for clinton in the same time period? with this agenda?

nytimes: letter to the editor, the missile shield and its unthinkable risks. doesn't do a darned thing about bio-warfare. we can't hide behind an umbrella; we can't dictate terms. we must participate in the world.

cnn: cholesterol drugs may slow onset of alzheimer's.

another book to get ... jef raskin, the humane interface.

via slashdot, paul graham on how to use lisp to beat your competition.

internetnews: microsoft warns iis 5.0 servers vulnerable to attack. win2k pro users and above, read this.

this is worth keeping an eye on ... ruby web application framework.

internet.com looks at the power situation in california.

macnn: new ibooks, os x 10.0.2, cd burning for os x.

sys-con: programming to xml.

reuters: 55 more dot-coms close their doors in april. now i guess we're learning how the american farmer feels.

eddie van halen has confirmed he is battling cancer. didn't realize he was 46! wait a minute. what is going on today? sting's plane skids off the runway. supermodel niki taylor is in critical condition after a car crash. sounds like a good day to stay at home and hide in the clothes closet.

speaking of nuclear power, the observer.uk has an article on a large statistical increase in leukaemia rates for children around a nuclear power plant. ever checked the leukaemia rates around american nuclear sites? oak ridge? los alamos? maybe i should.

cnn: star wars spacecraft on display at smithsonian. they show an f-104 starfighter in a picture; it incorporated the ill-advised 'shoot-the-poor-sucker-out-the-bottom-of-the-plane' ejection seat. read a story about the airplane.

in case you didn't catch it, luke posted 'how to build a weblog in zope' on zopenewbies. i use these concepts on this weblog, albeit a bit altered now [soon to be altered more].

php 4.05 is released.

cabinet is closing down.

temporary discussion group is back online now. i'll see if i can get zubb back up this weekend.

galleryseventeen is back up again. the walk through pecos pueblo. different url. sorry for the inconvenience.

santa fe new mexican: a rush for green cards.

nytimes: ok, here it is. dick cheney on energy policy. a few comments. great use of coal? aside from the health issues, have you ever seen a strip mine, or any coal mine, for that matter? western pennsylvania is crisscrossed with neutered mountains and swaths of burned, acid-producing barren leftovers. a strip mine is an abomination, to give it a perfectly apocalyptic biblical term. and as for drilling in the arctic, well ... yes, the *drilling* site may only be 1/5 the size of dulles airport, but the *impact* diameter may be exponentially larger. noone runs a clean drilling op. i'd like to see where the money is to clean up these operations, after they're completed. i also see no mention of alternative power sources, or new research away from the big three [coal, oil/gas, and nuclear]. as for nuclear, ask the navajo about mining uranium. where is uranium coming from today, and what safety standards are in place? the time to ask is now.

nytimes: free ride is over on the information highway.

nope ... i can stave it off a while longer. cnn has an article on the roots of may day celebrations.

okay. *sigh.* now i must delve into the nytimes and see what else the duke of halliburton talked about ...

another review of 'fast food nation.'

the independent: restoring an estate, via a three-century-old painting.

globe and mail: small victory for napster.

ars technica mentions [in the second article on the page, at this time] that imagine may be closing down the maximumpc network ... but that won't affect ars. thank goodness.

maccentral: omniweb 4.0 release candidate in circulation.

o'reilly: internet explorer 5 mac kiosk mode hack. i see o'reilly's gone for the big ads a la cnet. a shame.

zope: zknowman. i might have to play around with this.

xmlhack: early implementation of xquery.

webref's heirarchical menus advance to 4.09.

businessweek: does the unix core of os x make mac more vulnerable to hackers? watch out for them dangerous meta characters, right?

macslash: linuxppc co-founder moving on.

linuxhardware: gigahertz processors, linux-style.

freeos: dns tutorial.

the register: whistler server confirmed as windows 2002.

geeknews: robotic jellyfish, turtles and snails. hmmm ... why not build a robotic predator for the crown-of-thorns starfish? try and save the great barrier reef ...

ooof. saw the nytimes email this morning, got indigestion. vice president dick cheney: "conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy."

good morning. still some glitches here ... but i'll get them ironed out today.