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sun 29 apr 01

whoops. forgot to fix the netscape-only page. done. everything should be copacetic. see ya in the mawnin'.

just a side note: a bit tired tonight. rented 'rendezvous in paris' last night. french. i liked it; you may not. no real resolutions, unless you're perceptive. gave a different overall feel to the paris of today [even showing the eiffel tower in smog]. tonight, i rented 'fiorile' [wild flower]; italian. i'll let you know what i think tomorrow. [one of the great things about renting foreign films; they rent for much less than american new releases, and are *so* much more satisfying ...]

also, check out more of britain over at spicynoodles!

a new gallery is up. pure tourist. a trip into the ruins of pecos pueblo, gallery seventeen. enjoy.

at the pueblo, we were surrounded by thunderstorms. the sun would shine, big cold drops of rain, lightning. good 'weather-sense' and a knowledge of the cardinal directions made it easy to predict if we were going to be soaked or not. the sky was too dramatic not to do the entire walk, and the storms skirted us, as predicted.

i will be moving to a faster zope server soon, still in the monsieur burton domain. i'll be faster and better than ever.

guardedly optimistic that i've fixed things. <dtml-unless pp> seems to be the culprit. remove from all the headers, and everything works again. don't know why ... but hercule poirot is on the case. i've got a jar of pennies to compensate him ...

navigation has been shoved down to the bottom of the page. zope's not rendering my headers and footers properly, and completely missing my css. not sure what's up, but i'll fix it.

i'm having some crazy whacked out things happening here at dangerousmeta. go elsewhere. i have to sort some things out ... it'll take a day or so.