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sat 28 apr 01

the quail outside are getting territorial ... i hear calls back and forth, see pairs running in and around the piñon trees [instead of whole flocks]. nesting time!

digging dead crabgrass out of the back courtyard, and reseeding. off to errands.

bbc: woman swam for hours to spraypaint british nuclear sub as protest.

mozilla mentions 0.9 should be out this week ...

yahoonews: pastor blames british parliament's lowering of gay sex consent age for foot-and-mouth plague. yahoo picks a sensationalist title, here corrected. the pastor seems to have correlated two previous outbreaks with other parliamentary moves.

cnn: return of the novella.

lake effect goes css.

anyone else seen that 'catch the ep-3e and win' banner? bad taste. but then, advertising is filled with things to get you to notice ...

guardian.uk: privatization, and monopoly over, the airwaves.

ever read the story of survivor.com?

the tour of britain continues with lanhydrock over at spicynoodles ... [at the bottom of the page, click 'next' to see shots of newquay, at the seaside.]

santa fe new mexican: new water rules could include domestic wells. i hope the town succeeds. law is not meant to be a suicide pact; we all use the same aquifer. unfortunately, the rule of law will probably win out, and we'll be dry in fifteen years ...

reuters: the vietnam villagers recall kerrey's attack. this brings up some interesting things to mind. where's lieutenant calley [of my lai infamy] today? is there a statute of limitations on atrocities? the world still hunts nazis ... i think an investigation is called for, at the very least, to clear the historical air.

nytimes: chromophobia. fear of color.

nytimes: art and statistics. bayesians again.

nytimes: the boeing 737 continues to suffer from design faults. or, to be fair, maybe it's boeing designs in general. they learned about this one from twa 800 ...

cnn: marcel marceau breaks public silence.

guardian.uk: lost innocence. "mathematical knowledge is destined to remain forever incomplete."

ibm developerworks: inside samba 2.2.

appwatch: firestarter, firewall for linux.


treasure island experiment: a trip inside darwin nice site. monochrome, mostly, with ochre accents.

signal ground: living cheaply with suse linux 7.1 and usb on a budget box. duron.

the register: gates is still the world's richest individual.

pctalk: linux-mandrake 8 review and install guide.

geeknews: first copy-protected cd due may 15. charley pride? he'll probably sell more than he has in years, 'cause the hackers'll want a crack at the encryption scheme ...

freshmeat: sformat. formats scsi drives.

rained a bit last night. there's a puddle on the patio table, and the plants look green. everything else is dry, dry, dry. the earth sucks it up, fast.