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wed 25 apr 01

yes, alwin. we must make the most of today; we are not promised the morrow.

dpreview: new nikkor 4, 5 and 600mm lenses. autofocus, light, light weight.

just got back from an even longer walk up the rail trail. put on rachmaninoff symphony #2, pulled a pint of guiness. watching the sun go down. heaven.

andrea's up to day 7 in england, showing us a fairy tale garden ...

hey, icab 2.5 almost renders my new layout. all they have to do is begin to support the css 'float' command. maybe next update. but it's much better than it was!

nytimes: the 80's are back. rust never sleeps. neil, we need you again.

nytimes: evidence that feathers were developed for warmth, not flight.

icab 2.5.2 (says 2.5). an os x preview, as well.

the washington times has a report on the 'superbra' on their website front page.

taipei times. american companies have a lot of investment in taiwan ...

new york post: globalism's ghost towns.

the times of india's take on the sale of arms to taiwan is worthy of a read.

code snippets at the ruby cookbook.

atlas magazine.

sva, the school of visual arts.

bbc: columbine families attempt to sue 'violent' video and computer game manufacturers. the last sentence is most interesting: "... computer games are not subject to product liability laws."

ananova: utah's worried about 'children scavenging second-hand cigarettes.' a cop for every garbage can?

ananova: adolph hitler and eva braun's wedding ring discovered. it may be hard to positively i.d. a plain gold ring ... except by word of mouth.

two bombs in a row ... fire up techtool, 'surface scan' ... twiddle thumbs ... read a few weblogs ...

i was going to try linking to an albuquerque journal article about the dry ice bombs that exploded in the local schools on the anniversary of columbine, but then i clicked on their copyright/reprint permission icon, and went here. for 50 simoleans, they don't even guarantee a permalink. geez.

susan's grandpa came out o.k. ... fantabulous.

need to visit a used book store. i've begun reading voraciously again ... for some reason, my mind like desert in search of moisture. unfortunately, i read very swiftly ... i can finish your average novel in an afternoon. i regularly spend my preset 'book allowance' in one day ...

i miss management. if only i could grow the biz faster! i miss having interns around, young sparkling minds that emit energy like a van de graff generator ... collaborating during brainstorming sessions ... arguing and making mistakes and working all night to fix those mistakes ... then getting it right, and perfect ... gawd, it's fun.

nytimes: scientists often mum about ties to industry. unfortunately, many avenues of research will languish because they are 'not profitable.'

nytimes: supreme court limits civil rights law. seems like our supreme court is having a field day ...

nytimes: victims of oklahoma bombing not of one voice on mcveigh execution. still, noone mentions that the execution date may become an 'event point' for radicals.

csicop: the war between alternative and mainstream medicine. tofu may impair brain function?

chicago tribune: everyone's a rembrandt. painting by numbers, the 50's phenom.

beehive: zope and mysql ebook now available in english.

xmlhack: xmtp maps mime to xml.

webreference and internet.com now have rss feeds.

zdnet reviews red hat linux 7.1.

unixreview: passive analysis of ssh traffic.

zdnet: ti ibook?

openbsd on virtual pc. an os on an os on an os ...

kuro5hin: programming is not art. depends on the definition of 'art' ...

kuro5hin: liberalism and australian education. just goes to show how misleading the terms 'liberal' and 'conservative' are ...

ananova: kodak 'watermarks' movie film. there *has* to be an easier way.

bbc: e-paper.

dpreview: also, adobe offers pentium 4 optimization for photoshop.

dpreview: incremental update for nikon, 990 to 995. they're moving from a magnesium alloy case to a plastic one.

good morning. can't seem to kick-start the old self this morning ... workin' on it.