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mon 23 apr 01

columbia journalism review: new york city owns our national news. the media capital of the world? the bigger they are, the harder they fall ...

chronicle of higher ed: books unwritten, stories untold.

economist.uk: organic farming is more 'economical'. organic farming improves soil, produces no less fruit, but much better taste. and you can charge more.

technology review: opencola.

just checked my aol mail (once a month) ... a message from 'my secret lover' was cc'ed to 20 other guys. sounds like a rodney dangerfield sketch ... (grin) ...

tonight is one of those nights i'd like to have a few of you around, a bit of wine, cheese & crackers, whatever ... just sit and shoot the breeze. laugh a lot. wish you were closer! i'd put a log in the outdoor kiva fireplace, and we could solve the world's problems while watching the stars rise.

went for a walk down the rail trail, and took some shots. not sure if i'll just post a couple, or make a new gallery. later: they'll be a gallery. the shots are better than i expected. two shots of a strange little 'altar' found by the side of the trail will supply endless hours of speculation as to purpose and intent. gallery'll be on line later this evening or tomorrow. not a lot of creative motivation at the moment.

kuro5hin now supports forumzilla.

dpreview: 75 digital camera manufacturers sign on to use apple's quicktime technology.


utne reader: karma cards. making the world a better place, one card at a time.

nytimes: the tale of a navajo boy and hantavirus. scary stuff.

newscientist: is religious experience a reaction in the limbic system?

zdnet: xml schema catching heat.

javascript elisa. the freud word processor, remember?

webref: embedding sound with flash, part two.

sunday times.uk: chinese plan to build 3,700 foot building.

world & i: alternative nuclear power.

on lamp: scanning networks.

the register: titanium powerbook shuts down airport. what happened to turning it on, and showing security?

kuro5hin looks at 'slavery, sweatshops, protests and protectionism.'


biz phone rings at the crack of dawn this morning ... and what do i hear on the answering machine? a young lady is late with an assignment for her web class, and wants to *hire* someone to do her homework. *good grief.* another sign of an affluent, dissipated society?