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thu 19 apr 01

guardian.uk: the link between chocolate and child slavery, in africa. who's more virtuous ... kathie lee, or mr. m&m?

back online after a brief outage (1-3pm). looking into it now.

ananova: nice to know something like this exists. 'heartwarmers' ... positive news stories.

someone, or something, is hitting this site doing hundreds of refreshes an hour. i am in the process of finding your ip ...

nytimes: arsenic limits put on hold. install water filters, folks. it's the immediate, easy answer.

nytimes: soul searching at another world war two massacre site in poland.

nytimes: first step to monopolization of tv networks?

reuters: economics can really create bizarre situations. exploding cows in the alps. i assume this means the ground is too rocky for burial ...

baltimore citypaper online: the problem with poetry.

msn/slate: picks up on the 'intelligent design theory' where the ny times left off. later: i see rick already picked up on this, yesterday.

bbc: cassette and singles music sales down. naughty napster? i'd like to see the long-term trend graph. very few people i know buy cassettes anymore ...

windows: ultra edit 32 8.10 was posted yesterday.

webref: xhtml 1.1, modularizaton. missed this, being sick. just gathering the link at this point.

vaults of parnassus: python bookshelf. all the docs you want, in one download ...?

the register: anti-hacking insurance premiums higher for windows nt.

o'reilly: oracle and open source.

rootprompt has too many good things to list individually. email tricks, linux pda's, ftp ... go over and look around.

the register: cyberslackers! horrors! interesting side note: insurance companies are now offering insurance against offensive material displayed on monitors. in other words, you pull up something on your screen that another employee or visitor finds offensive, they are apparently seeking legal redress ...

the register: hi-tech toilet caught on-camera. i still recall a flight attendant telling me about an obese woman on an airplane, forming a perfect seal. they couldn't extricate her until they had broken the pressure seal from the outside, after landing.

xml.com: perl xml quickstart.

mandrake 8.

geeknews: cert to charge for security warnings.

dpreview: 60% of 'photo sharers' don't order prints. with the 'free' services beginning to charge, i wonder how many prints are ordered, really.

'searchhound' just sent me a spam email, telling me 'broadband is years away' ... nothing, my friends, in this industry, is years away. the paradigm will change first ...

martin made a good suggestion ... i'll work on getting a text-only version of dangerousmeta! put together tonight. easy enough to do, really.

still not quite up to sniff yet, but feeling *much* more human. i'm not wriggling in the mud anymore; i'm crawling on my belly. next evolutionary change will happen this afternoon, i hope ...