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fri 13 apr 01

well, last post for the night. it's supposed to be low to mid 70's tomorrow, and sunny. probably not much blogging will get done. good night, gracie ... good night, all.

nsf international allows you to look for specific water remediation devices.

nytimes: arsenic and albuquerque. *now* maybe everyone will understand why i am concerned. mayor baca and others sound like 'bishop love' from 'the monkey wrench gang.' time to spend that money on the reverse-osmosis system, i guess.

reuters: a stone drill and no anaesthetic. commander dave, i'll take that science and industry now ...

evil smokin' dude: review of winlinux 2000.

webref: dynamically resizing images with javascript.

freebsdzine: setting up virtual servers behind cable/dsl.

the register: microsoft says closed-source is more secure.

phpbuilder: user route tracing.

o'reilly: image transition effects, powerpoint vs. imovie.

macnn: os x update available.

linuxtoday: harvey ball, creator of the smiley face, is dead.

geeknews: well, now, i didn't know opera was skinnable ...

cnn: the handgun market seems dead.

on to some linkage.

also, thanks to monsieur zeldman and the folks at webstandards.org. you've given me the best reason in the world to eliminate a costly nightmare from my life. the time is right. i may be a small shop in santa fe, but i'm corrupting other developers in the same vein ... to paraphrase and rip off earth first!, 'no compromise in the pursuit of standards' ... (then, why do i have a netscape 4.x page? because zope makes it easy.) ...

both the netscape and standards-compliant home pages are now automated, thanks to a donated script from luke tymowski. thank YOU, luke. i've still got some figgerin' to do, but my permalinks *are* working. that script gave me a lot of avenues to explore ... like the little 'last four days' box in the bottom right ...

the discussion group is somewhat hosed. please use email to contact me, if necessary. i'll be working on it sometime over the weekend.

there is also a redirect on your entry to dangerousmeta! that will take netscape 4.x users to a 'friendly' page. everyone else goes to a standards-compliant page. whether this setup will stay or go, depends on how much it gets used.

i took eric costello up on stealing his code. there's no tables here, baby. dangerousmeta! is now based on his two-column, ala style. thanks, rob. this site will now function as a xhtml/css/zope playspace. i've got things much more organized than when i first set up shop, and can finally leverage more of my zope knowledge.

i'm not really sure how i'm going to like this css/xhtml stuff. i gotta get more comfy with it all.

back online once again. now i just have to rerecord my finger-twitch <br> to <br /> ...

whoa baby, this update stuff is a lot of work.