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wed 11 apr 01

more on endangered species. habitat loss is the #1 cause of extinction, as one would expect. check the bottom, hr 472. a waiver for federal agencies in time of "emergency", when emergency is only basically defined. an energy crisis? it's an emergency ... of course.

summary of the endangered species act. "the ultimate purpose of the act is to save species from extinction. the fish and wildlife service's goal is to recover listed species and remove them from the list."

case law under the endangered species act. you can read this two ways, but it becomes clear that biodiversity in america will be much poorer if this moratorium is enacted.

nytimes: bush administration seeks moratorium on endangered species suits. another step down, another freedom for cheney in his search for 'american energy sources.'

comanche's up to 3.0 beta 4.

my eyes are toast at the moment; but here's a trove of links on international espionage.

scientific american: the semantic web.

o'reilly: xml hype down but not out. report from xml devcon 2001 in nyc.

asiasource has an article with a virtual trove of links on the china/us spy plane controversy. interesting point mentioned; spying is illegal in most countries. once the american spy plane entered chinese airspace without authorization, china had the right to prosecute them?

and a side note: we've had two flights of what i believe were air force f-16's fly by. once early, once just a few minutes ago. definitely out of the normal loop, unless national guard is active ...

mom sent me homemade gingersnaps. i'm torn between devouring them or ekeing them out for a month ... thanks, ma!

the wind is still up, though nowhere near yesterday's levels. the pollen is bad. i look like i've been doing pot for about a week. bloodshot. hurts to look at a monitor. but deadlines loom as usual. work through it ...

sfnewmexican: los alamos national lab physicist has a way to mix digital and traditional television broadcasts. but national broadcasters aren't interested, at least at this stage ...

nytimes: a major air conditioner manufacturer 'breaks ranks' to ask the bush administration to maintain stricter standards.

guardian: european books and american movies.

the american prospect: the 'madonna' school of art promotion. another look at 'yo mama.'

motley fool: saving your way to pleasure. sock it away early, sock it away in ira/401k. most of the people i know are working through their retirements ...

the european commission on copyright, report.

unixreview: monitor your linux/unix systems with your palm.

macnn: for the mac faithful, they're using quicktime and apple's firewire spec in the new vaio notebooks.

torvalds says he was misquoted about os x.

pychecker. squash them bugs.

kuro5hin: the big bang caused by a head-on with another universe? i hope we can prove the existence of parallel universes soon.

the 5k webpage contestants are online.

ptl ... php web document management.

greeted with a phone call upon arising. production has already begun for the day; let's see what i can dig up real quick ...