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tue 10 apr 01

wind, then *snow*, then rain. i have no idea what i'll be waking up to. i have the trash can tied down with a hose ...

i have to wonder now, what is a 'safe' level, who decides, and how? more on this tomorrow.

note, in that previous link, it seems the world health organization set the 'international' safety bar for arsenic. i have to wonder; filtering at point of use could also cut down on many other pollutants, not just arsenic. many water systems are archaic; still using lead pipe. all the money we could throw into filtering at the company would eliminate one problem, ignoring another ...

hmmm. it may be more cost effective to have individuals filter their own water. from that link, you should be able to link to information about arsenic in your own water systems. apparently, at the present time, water companies don't have to report arsenic levels, if they're under current standards.

just happened to look in 'jurassic park' by michael crichton, rereading ian malcolm's comments about science. much rings true.

i'd never have a deck made out of pressure-treated lumber now. one 12' 2x6 contains enough arsenic to kill 200 adults. got toddlers? don't leave 'em on the deck -- .006 grams worth'll kill 'em.

and in spite of the media, there are low-cost solutions.

a shame. the international arsenic standard more stringent than the current u.s. limit.

why you should care about the arsenic issue. children are especially at risk. interesting, that skin cancer is one of the first symptoms ... skin cancer in areas that don't have sun exposure.

jeez, louise. the wind. time to tie down the patio furniture. here's the weather report. 40 mph? no way. i'd say 60 easy. blowing pollen and dust like crazy.

nytimes: what n.m. can expect in the forest fires' aftermath.

latimes: hypersonic aircraft.

the register: powerpc g5, 2ghz?

nando: mountain lions return to boulder, colorado. there's nothing like the scream of a 'painter' in the middle of the night. there were a few in big bend nat'l park when i worked there in the eighties. used to see them occasionally when walking at night ...

guardian uk: netherlands to legalize euthanasia.

an html templating system. python.

we have got wind here today. blew the trash can down the street. driving into santa fe, everyone's running over tumbleweeds in small explosions ... in a big 'weed, out a dozen small 'weeds.

enough; back to work.

nytimes: beware the rise of the supply-siders. 'twas voodoo in the 80's, it remains voodoo today. good points on page two; the cuts *never* paid for themselves.

nytimes: pottering around in north carolina.

chicago tribune: the timbuktu manuscripts.

washington post: smithsonian cuts *way* back.

mac: powerlogix g3/g4 cache profiler 1.4b2, eudora 5.1fc2.

opera 5.10.

apple developer connection special.

mac os x server 1.0 beta ships to developers.

linuxgazette: speeding things up with pdnsd.

activestate releases komodo.

kuro5hin: preventative dns.

zdnet: macromedia director 8.5 shockwave studio does some interesting things ...

php nuke 5 beta 2. still not-quite-ready-for-prime ...

mysql navigator.

dpreview: the leukaemia research initiative. join. i'm going to run this; my father passed away of leukaemia.

getting there ... getting there ...