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mon 09 apr 01

other subjects: fixed my dtd problem with ie6 by using a 'clear: both' ... on to updating my archives.

once again, i'm pondering over things i'll probably never have the occasion to know. ah's me.

of course, mistakes have been made in the past with autopilots. if an evasive maneuver was required, a panicked pilot has been known to pull at the yoke, and the autopilot swerves to re-correct to the original set flight path.

okay. i'm trying to reason this out. the pentagon first says the chinese pilots have been aggressive in the past. the pentagon now says our plane was on autopilot. this doesn't add up. the ep-3e is a surveillance craft; they had to know the fighters were there. if the chinese have been that aggressive, that plane should never have been on autopilot.

come to think of it, autopilot can be used simply to maintain altitude. which would mean the pilots were still in control of bearing.

ironic. 'asia policy: autopilot is not good enough.' hmmm. having clinton over in india right now must *really* complicate things.

an account of a landing mishap in an ep-3e.

cnn: navy plane on autopilot. the implication seems to be that there was noone in the cockpit? or that they were not prepared for evasive maneuvers with pursuit fighters in the area? that makes no sense to me. dicing around in close proximity is a high-stakes game, when you're in the air ...

too much detail work today. gotta give the eyebones a rest. back later.

well, a couple more.

nytimes: more human ancestors. bipedal or not? chimpanzee or not? sounds like the old 'warm-blood' vs. 'cold-blood' dinosaur arguments.

nytimes: hunley crew found at stations. whatever sunk them, it happened quick.

that's going to have to be it, for the moment.

nytimes: writers on writing.

forbes: chinese shipwreck art horde. 'twas only a year or two ago, i have to admit, that i was made aware of the sheer size of the historic chinese sailing ships. dwarfed european efforts.

the telegraph: 'vintage' photographic prints. find a niche, fill it with hype ... and take it on the road.

update to alpha's html/css mode yesterday, to 3.1.

webref: taking your talent to the web.

linuxmag: the 'cute' aries server.

unixreview: book review: ssh, the definitive guide.

linuxplanet: review of borland's kylix.

kuro5hin op-ed: why community matters.

sourceforge: gnu utilities for win32.

hail stone 0.8, an xml-rpc server similar in concept to hailstorm.

i've got too much to do, and too little time to do it in. ever have that feeling? stupid question ...

minimal posts today, as i begin propagating new functionality here.