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sat 07 apr 01

if someone's got netscape 4.x windows installed, and wouldn't mind checking something for me, drop me a line. thanks.

versiontracker: dimm first aid, and a really good writeup.

damn ... here i was, redesigning this site with xhtml and css, and i remember to check the stats. 20% of people here are still using netscape 4.x. rats. i'll have to pull back on my ideas.

like a hot cup of tea? let's sit and talk a while ...

so, how does one get the right people to pay attention to the arsenic issue? nuclear waste disposal? green power? direct action ... time to dig around, make a few calls. in fact, my congressperson's offices are less than 60 miles away. that might be a good start.

after a bit of back and forth with one of my favorite webloggers, i realize that i need to redirect my vehemence on issues. instead of screaming to the multitudes, i believe my time is better spent in direct action. i know better than to just join in and increase the overall noise level. thanks, rick. i learn volumes from the things you *don't* say.

opinionated s.o.b. today, aren't i? that's ok too. today i begin looking at viable options to get my house off the grid. if the feds won't do it, i will.

nytimes: this'll be the last times link. too many hot-button issues there for me today. ms. whitman, kindly put a sock in it. no battle is lost until you yield the field. do you realize the consequences, not just for us, but the world? this whole global warming bit is a good example of redirection. we have the technology; we should have nonpolluting energy sources in place already. it's the right thing to do, it's been the right thing to do for decades. stop clouding the issue and *fix the problem.*

nytimes: preserving atomic bomb landmarks. hey, spend the money to clean 'em up *first*, then preserve them. oh, and please, we're not stupid. we've taken high school physics. don't use them as 'peace' and 'plutonium safety' propaganda devices ...

nytimes: jay t. harris vs. the 'tyranny of the market'. "put the readers first ..." care to join us, mr. harris? we have ideas for you.

the nation: pundits who predict the future are always wrong.

mac: webmerge moved to 1.6.2 almost immediately.

windows: ws-ftppro 7 is out.

xmlhack: here i am trying to change this site over to xhtml 1 validity, and here comes xhtml 1.1 ... hooray for progress. the ruby annotation is of interest.

wired: anti-abortionists can post the names of doctors, but interested persons can't post names of federal agents? double standard?

computerworld: adore linux worm.

nature: e-access to scientific journals. debate.

linuxmag: instant messaging on linux.

register: xerox bans windows xp beta. sounds like they need better network management practices in place. a lot of free-agents ...

o'reilly: javascript, ecmascript, jscript ... just how the heck did we get here?

kuro5hin: the most valuable site on the web. i would second the motion for the gutenberg project.

guardian: reading about the grand national is more interesting and less predictable than u.s. current events ...

dev/con shop. php ecommerce.

dpreview: photopoint to begin charging for services. always enjoy a free ride as long as it lasts, and don't complain when it's over.

it's a beautiful sunny day, no evidence of the unsettled weather yesterday except for a lingering coolness on the breeze.

slept in today. hey, i'm allowed.