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fri 06 apr 01

screwing with permalinks, archives and a different design ... some friday night. but the weather's a bit unsettled at the moment, so i figure i'd rather be 'in' than 'out' ...

nytimes: cirque de soleil. one word: go.

thinking about going here this weekend.

maybe it was hail. hard to tell ... temps dropped. the taxonomy of precipitation isn't my biz ...

a little bit of thunder. then whoosh ... torrential downpours of sleet. almost gumball size. my courtyard is white with little ice balls. and it's still coming down, though now 'snaining' might be a more descriptive, if creative term ...

osx.macnn.com. i was there looking at the powerlogix article.

laugh. have to laugh. even the washington post has an article on our 'pro-salmonella, pro-arsenic, pro-carbon dioxide president.'

the new republic posted an article a while ago on the bad budget situation in texas. i hope congress is going over bush's proposals with a magnifying glass ...

'robin hood' school funding in texas, looks like a grand brouhaha.

covalent releases apache products for windows. ssl, fast start.

come to think of it, that's good fodder for a prank. i need to get some glow-in-the-dark paint ...

cnn: oh, wonderful. washington has radioactive tumbleweeds. we've got los alamos to the northwest; winds prevail from the west. do you realize how many tumbleweeds i clean out in the average week ...?

i still say we need a p.a.t and a j.a.t ... 'presidential aptitude test' and a 'judicial aptitude test.' forget hearings.

cnn: findlaw's john dean on the removal of the a.b.a. from the judicial screening process. seems the republicans want more emphasis on non-legal positions for judgeships? huh?

silverace: dottyspotty. check the actual enlarged dots from inkjet printers section.

important: hal rager of blivet is online here temporarily, in somewhat technically diminished capacity (no dg), until etp returns. you can find him at http://www.dangerousmeta/blivet/. later: looks like etp may be back online.

wyona. java content management, open source.

nytimes: cheney looks at drilling off-limits areas in western states. devious s.o.b. i may drop my business and become a monkeywrencher ...

cnn begins to question mr. bush, albeit gently. since when is it appropriate to quote newt gingrich? gawd ...

wired: you gotta look at van gogh in candlelight.

the standard: britannica.com a rousing failure. whenever there's a controversial topic in the news, and i do a search on any search engine ... coming up with a britannica link, the link is dead. anyone else get the same thing?

looks like acrobat 5 is out.

security news network, once hackernews, is changing from a link-pointer to a good commentary-with-links scenario, i do believe. read.

xmlhack: when xslt gets more extensible.

webreview: css2 element outlines.

webreview: where do you stand on flash? yes, abso-freakin'-lutely.

o'reilly's got the hits today, here's another: p2p backlash.

o'reilly/xml: learn about the web services: soap, wsdl, udi, etc.

o'reilly: php basic control structures.

o'reilly: is bsd taking the spotlight away from linux? compare and contrast with article below.

zdnet/uk: torvalds rubbishes core of mac os x.

fridays always seem slow ... or is it that i just have no interest? then again, deadlines loom.

new scientist: program in everyday language.

now on to paying work ... after the morning blog.

that being said, my archives may go offline for a while. i have to figure out how to configure a redirect, as well ...

i'm getting very close with permalink/archiving. i just have to get my <dtml-if> statements straightened out. i'll surely have 'em up by monday.

oh my ...! what is *that* in my referrer logs? barbie? how could you.