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thu 05 apr 01

got it working. the archiving is getting automated at the moment ... so no big links tonight. as if you didn't already know.

it's just that ... if i'm going to automate, why not do it *all the way*, in the fashion i'd ultimately prefer?

oh mama. if you're wondering why i'm so quiet tonight, i'm getting closer to permalinks. much closer.

reuters: u.s. 'surprised' by the anger over the kyoto treaty decision. once again, we're projecting the image of incompetence worldwide.

reuters: maybe we can reverse aging ... but you might end up a dwarf. call me 'sleepy' ...

salon also contemplates mr. bush under pressure.

salon: green eggs and irradiated ham. is there any doubt as to why our youngsters look like spam-fed southsea islanders?

yahoo/reuters: new material 'defies the laws of physics.'

mac: eudora 5.1fc1.

webref: the art and science of web design, jeffrey veen.

webref: hierarchical menus 4.08.

check out andrea's links to the xenophobe guides. great!

nytimes: sinise on broadway.

nytimes: mr. bush wishes to make olson solicitor general. oh, no ... we've given you enough leeway. keep your promise. let's go bipartisan, shall we?

reuters: man stops own funeral. could this explain reincarnation myths in illiterate societies?

cnn: the cherry blossoms in washington have almost peaked; go visit.

cnn: col. flagg has passed on.

latimes book review: gilded age unravels.

bay area.com: bela fleck, classical banjo ...

ssn1: those anonymous mail accounts aren't so anonymouse. scroll down the page for the article.

zope: zpt chat with evan simpson on friday, irc.

xmlhack: new xforms requirements.

duke of url: pogo velocity.

the register: apple firmware ram parameters.

o'reilly: apocalypse 1 ... perl 6.

apache today: apache 2.0 released as beta!

linuxplanet: linux partition howto.

kuro5hin: personal information managers.

kuro5hin: why are floppies still around? i find this amusing. silicon valley has a disconnect with users. small jobs, both print and web, fit comfortably on a floppy. when you have to drop off media, it's so much cheaper to lose a floppy than a zip ... though cd is beginning to take over this spot. but that's like using a sledghammer as a flyswatter, in many cases. ah, well ... at least third party manufacturers listen.


... and having this show up in my referrer logs, when i had my volume switched too high, really wakes one up ...

whoof. i did *not* want to wake up this morning.