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wed 04 apr 01

just got back from my last 'client content drop-off' in the dead of night. with that, i'm hittin' the rack. see ya.

the sunset was uninspiring tonight; sorry sunset fans. but there's an outstanding halo around the moon ...

rules are meant to be broken ...

hey! iowa in colorado!

history of modern pentathlon. may not survive in future olympics; too bad it doesn't get more airplay ... i'd love to compete.

it's a town full of losers
and i'm pulling out of here to win.

in other words, i'd *love* to blame some jealous god for my kneeling in a patch of prickly pear this morning ... how convenient it would be to place the blame elsewhere ...

nice. 'mythological and archetypal approaches to literature.' the classical greek gods have it all over monotheism, imho. since years of latin, i've always loved the concept of multiple gods and goddesses, jealous and vain, toying with us ...

on technology as a symptom and a dream.

on the juke tonight, thanks to craig, 'life by the drop', 'change it', stevie. we will meet, my friend. count on it.

i can't wait for broadband. weblogging needs to become more of a conversation. i'm dying to have an interface where six or so people are sitting on my screen, in live video ... a center 'browse' area with a tabbed interface allowing me to see what everyone's up to on their systems ... if we're going to replace interaction, then lets have some *interaction* ... not everyone types as fast as some (120 wpm here) ...

i can't believe i posted all this junk. c'est la vie. i'm a postmodern excretion from the constricted hind-end of the baby boom generation ... deal wid'it.

the thing that i love most about the web is, surfing a wave, and seeing where it takes me ...

how to grow carrots.

yes, but does that help me grow carrots?

general semantics.

semiotics for beginners.

semantics and semiotics are more important than one might imagine, especially when dealing with differing languages.

if you're a curious person, do a search on 'april glaspie.' dig around. there's more to the gulf war than you think. with proper diplomacy, it could have been avoided. would we be better off? who knows ...

maybe north korea is a worry. the north korea advisory board to the house of representatives: "current U.S. policy does not effectively encourage the political and economic liberalization of north korea." 1999. the clinton years. god knows how we'll rate come the middle of this year ...

nuclear power in the third world.

i can hear it now ... china's a threat. they don't rely on others for energy needs. we do. drilling and pollution won't fly here in america; we're just about drilled out. hey, let's get *mexico* to put in all the nuke plants, coal fired plants, and whatnot ... thank god for nafta! no unions, no epa over that little border ...

then again, china's got a lot of oil. they're self-sufficient, not needing oil from the middle east. if the middle east craps out on us, will we be dependent upon china for our energy lifeblood? complications for china, of course.

on to other subjects, before i implode ...

okay, i accept i might be wrong. they're playing for time. maybe cheney and rummy want to start world war 3, and george isn't convinced it'll help his stock portfolio ...

every marketing person, every salesperson, every diplomat in the world knows you respond immediately, decisively, and in person ... what kind of ...

american diplomacy.

avoid those character-building negative implications at all costs ...

please disregard my posts for the rest of the evening ... i'm (as anthony robbins would say) jazzed.

i'm getting really close to taking my gloves off. you don't want me to do that. you really don't.

colin powell sends a freakin' *letter* ... ?!! what is this? the 'miss manners school of diplomacy'? get out of the 1800's and back in the real world, colin. in every cowpile there's fertilizer. leverage, you idiots. go over and talk. i'm disgusted with this entire administration.

pull up your head off the floor
come up screaming

for you compactflash folks, i have to say that the cheap little memorex 9 buck pcmcia adapter is fast and mindless. i can copy the entire card in a minute or two. a nice, simple way to go. for the price, highly recommended. highly.

buy a caribbean island.

mac: webmerge 1.6. when html ain't enough, and an online database is too much.

got ... to ... find ... traction ....

in a diplomatic war of words with china, isn't it ironic that the ostensible 'leader of the last superpower' is without ammunition? it would be funny, if it weren't so damned serious.

bbc: french prime minister slams mr. bush.

santa fe new mexican: water restrictions might get pulled back next month. reservoir's at 58%, increasing swiftly as the melt continues.

nytimes op-ed: the class warrior. reaganomics in a time of surplus. what a waste of investment.

the 'virgin of guadalupe' gets coverage in the nytimes.

cnn: mit will offer course materials online, to prevent the 'privatization of knowledge.'

the new republic: scribble in your margins.

boston globe: paul robeson biography, by his son.

village voice: BIG photography.

mac: valentina 1.8.8b21.

xmlhack: new xsl standard library effort started.

webref: beginning xhtml, using the link element.

nytimes: flaw in 802.11b.

o'reilly: socket programming with php.

unixreview: book review, network security essentials.

rootprompt: winlinux2000.

mac: actionbars 1.5. you never know ...

linuxpr: rackspace releases knark 'antidote.'

linuxplanet: back away from the 'one size fits all' linux model.

kuro5hin: the generations without heroes.

geeknews: more 'all your base' ...

opencms uses java servlets for content management.

put the digital camera to use for business first thing today. and guess what? in switching cameras from film to digital, i didn't look where i was placing my knee ... i now have about a dozen nice holes in my leg, courtesy of a rather happy cactus. son of a b ... tra la.