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tue 27 mar 01

W H O O O - 

H O O O!

check this out: because of the cerro grande fire, we get an extra *nine months* to file taxes. thank GOD. the timing couldn't be better. doin' the hamster dance again ...

cnn: india set to launch satellite. of course, this means india will have icbm capabilities. more gristle for the missile defense hounds?

cnn: new flight routes over grand canyon make it quieter. ok, guys, would you rather have to carry a muffler and a catalytic converter on board? you have options ...


reuters: australian air force gets slap on the wrist for flying 'survivor 2' contestants to outback. the network should pony up and pay the bill.

telegraph: victorian sexual mores.

chronicle of higher ed: print-on-demand may save the university press. university press' have been up against a wall. many have moved from the editor-on-staff model to the lower-quality freelance-editor scenario. 'consistent quality' has taken a hit. maybe this will help.

inside: copy protect cds ... but at the expense of older cd players? there are a hundred ways to circumvent this. why bother?

ct now: greek myth energizes pop culture. all things being equal, you can't escape a good archetype.

the register: high voltage broadband?

lwn.net: python 2.01 heads-up.

the register: napster asks fans to march on washington d.c. april 3.

cnn: acetominophen can easily cause liver failure. one of the reasons i stick to aspirin, most of the time. put the labels on, please -- the suicide argument is lame. just about any otc drug, taken to excess, is fatal.

paceblade. via slashdot.

linuxpower: abiword wants free word processing on all platforms.

is it me, or do we seem awash in browser betas these days? finish one !!!

mozilla 0.8.1 released.

linuxplanet: emacs beginners how-to.

kuro5hin: tivo = spyo.

report-it. via geeknews.

ms internet explorer 6 beta. download.


dpreview: kodak engineers predict winner in cmos/ccd wars.

'south pacific' last night. glenn close scares the hell out of me. a pby catalina would have been better than the grumman. bombers? never did see a bomber. well, maybe the avenger counts as a torpedo bomber. i found it very uneven, unsatisfying.