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sun 25 mar 01

cross that hill, and find the 'other' ...

i'm getting this incredible urge to shove civilization in a back room, divest of all the trappings thereof, and head out into the wilderness. drive till the tires go flat. walk 'till the soles fall off. laugh till i regain my sanity ... because sure as shootin', this world is getting plenty weird. i need to reconnect. work from 'center.' horse stance. i need to relearn how to judge direction from the sun and stars, so i can plot my bearings through life by more permanent guides ... working from a good solid foundation, mother earth.

navy lakehurst historical society: the hindenburg. i've always wanted to travel trans-atlantic in a blimp. check this out: they even had a smoking room ... one spark in the hydrogen, go boom ...

xmlhack: examplotron.

cnet: review of windows xp beta 2. i'm interested to see how file management has changed.

kuro5hin looks at the laws of nature.

how to dance properly. via geeknews.

dpreview: new micro pentax 3 mp camera.

sam's club here in santa fe has kodak dcs-3400's (2 mp) for 369. if you want a positive-review middle-priceline camera, grab this baby, now.

back in da house. ever try to fix an overhead light in a room that's swiftly increasing in darkness (evening)? little tiny screws, big frustration. that's why i bought the mouthpiece for my mini-maglight back when doing a/v work. i'm not in a talking mood now ... it's done, however.

nytimes: plasma tv. "anybody who walks into your apartment and sees one of those tv's is going to say: `you are cool. you are a better person.'" ... huh?

reuters: venus, au naturale again.

why be straight? yuk, yuk ...

nytimes: photography pulls abreast of painting in the art world.

linux.com: more in win4lin.

applescript in mac os x.

scientific american: to protect and self-serve. should we stockpile ide and scsi drives now?

geeknews: rotfl ... 'two weddings for every dotcom funeral.'

good mornin'. amazing how big a change the dot-bomb economy creates. whereas, i used to link to various pieces of software last year, maybe one out of ten would check their referrers. this year, however, 8 out of 10 end up looking around here ... via their referrer logs. everyone's into stats nowadays. john should have lots of students ...