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tue 01 mar 22

squishdot's squished my eyes out of existence. see y'all in the morning.

o'reilly: apache vulnerability.

ispworld: web server first aid kit.

mir is back on earth. wouldn't it be fun if the 'space fungus' on mir replicated in the depths of the ocean and generated a modern-day godzilla, or gamora? how 'bout a giant submarine-smoking sea squid?

nytimes: bush's misguided decision.

cnn: sad. bill hanna is gone. a pioneer of the cartoon genre.

hmm. 'arrogant bastard ale'. not bad.

the falkland islands tourist board. a different place to vacation, surely.

ah. remember middle school? those anarchic years of eighth grade? mayhem in science class? try 'adventures in biology.' made me smile ...

strange but true ... ?!

dystopia gives me a headache ...

mir-ly a sense of humor ... in australia.

zope: squishdot 1.0.0 released.

great animated gif.

reuters: berlin woman goes on a 'vampire' biting spree.

santa fe new mexican: the cold winter, abundant moisture have reaped ... a bounteous week of pollen.

the idler: harry belafonte and the cubans. come back, liza ...

wired: preserving the sistine website. how do you preserve an artwork, if the technology goes out of date? sometimes great works must be time-limited ...

nytimes: artic wildlife refuge may be spared drilling after all ... by republicans.

cnn: casper the friendly ghost, sweet polly purebread, gumby ... all gone.

zope: building zope on mac os x.

globetechnology: amd unleashes a 1.33 ghz athlon.

kuro5hin: is 80/20 quality good enough? huh? no wonder there's shoddy service and product everywhere ...

macnn: pgp flaw exposed. cnn looks at it as well.

macnn: xlr8 ships a dual-processor g4 upgrade. is there still life in my 8500? only os x knows for sure ...

the register: be signs sony.

linuxworld.com.au: reviewing caldera's volution. remote management of linux servers ...

slashdot: book review of "php developer's cookbook."

webref: heirarchical menus 4.06.

dpreview: wireless digital photography.

a bit later than usual today. hey, i'm allowed to sleep in once in a while, right? links to come.

beautiful morning, however. birds singing, french doors open. gotta get that spare battery for my portable, so i can sit outside under the umbrella and work ... [and stretch a very long phone cord] ...