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sat 17 mar 01

i've said it before, i'll say it again ... i need these.

now that i've got a two car garage, i could build an airplane! dang, i gotta get the rest of our junk unpacked ...

looking for the green fairy, i ran across another absinthe link. what else is made with wormwood? absorbine jr., of course. though i wouldn't recommend it for drinking ... (grin) ...

i was looking for the green fairy book, but only found covers. so much for st. pats.

speaking of which, these folks have etexts for the microsoft reader and palm pilot.

the yellow fairy book.

the red fairy book.

in other words, be safe out there. and if you can't be safe, use *stealth* techniques.

speaking of cars, roadblocks are out tonight, in force. luckily, i know backroads well. then again, i hadn't had a drop to drink ...

oh damn ... remember 'my mother, the car?' ann sothern is dead.

arf! back from a couple of errands. after some discussion with some others in the locale, i feel i need to reestablish my macromedia chops. flash is *much* more popular than one would assume by hanging in the community here. i knew this, but felt i was doing my audience a disservice because of plugin issues. no longer. certainly the transition won't be terrible; i've been using director since it was called videoworks ... and already, that dates me ...

this is the current talk of the town. an ad ran in the new yorker for mexican tourism, with a big photo of our inn at loretto. you'd think folks would know that they have ruins in mexico, but don't have indian pueblos. you can laugh, but people *do* ask if we're part of the united states. we're the only license plate in america with 'usa' on it ...

national review looks at st. patricks day in ireland. lighten up, fellows. really.

osfaq: getting out of access, and into mysql.

theregister: catnap fills in.

mac: default folder 3.1.

maccentral: dayglo inks for inkjets. the wired magazine and rummage sale set must be overjoyed.

geeknews: notebook processors hitting 1ghz.

reuters: practical is in, sexy is out at internet world.

nytimes: bush postpones forest rules again. makes you want to go out and spike trees, doesn't it?

nytimes: foot and mouth causes worries even on western ranches. i can't help paralleling this outbreak with the potential for modern human plagues. our interconnectedness via air travel makes the world vulnerable. will international airports eventually end up on islands offshore, with a two-week screening period? all it takes is one ...

i *might* actually get the remainder of my office organized ... and some more boxes out of the garage. it's almost time for spring fever ... and wholeheartedly getting back into shape. need to assemble the soloflex and clear a little more area around the rollers, so i don't keep bruising myself ...

we got about an inch or so of snow. sun's just coming out; doubt i'll have to do any clearing.