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wed 14 mar 01

the defunct design posse. dig about in rotodesign.

i am chagrined to find that i can't run as fast as a tumbleweed can roll.

10 p.m. mst gmt-7 ... well, my evening's been taken up with wind. it picked up around 4, and has been howling around the house since. it's starting to calm a bit now. i've been dodging 40 mph tumbleweeds, trying to get loose things battened down so they wouldn't blow away. it's been crazy. so, i haven't been able to do my usual bunch of evening postings.

the irony is, there is no budget surplus. we still have a national debt. and now we're facing a downturn, a recession. the impact on the 'surplus' will be negative. a 2.2 trillion tax cut that noone's asked for? i'm convinced; the party in power is nuts.

what in the heck is a 'blue dog democrat'? middle-right? sounds an awful lot like your garden-variety republican ...

ibmdeveloperworks: debunking the myths of ui design.

*warning* ... looks like i'm on a major grouch today.

cnn: breaux to vote against mccain-feingold. the south has risen again, and is throwing weight behind the conservatives. breaux won't be the only 'southern' democrat to do this ... and not just on this bill. in other words, don't count on 'balance of power' in the senate.

nytimes: more coke. it's even farther along than i thought: "... special company-designed curriculums now have thousands of schoolchildren learning their numbers by counting tootsie rolls and cheerios, and environmental safety by watching exxon films." this is *wrong*. i'm sorry. i don't like this one bit.

cnnfn: coke in schools. scale back? which is worse ... caffeine laced soda, or high fructose corn syrup? it's all got heaps of sugar.

cnn: powell's tongue slips. trust. it's a fragile thing on the international stage. at the moment, we're looking incredibly inept, which is taken as weakness by many.

new statesman: book review, paranoid parenting.

the idler: how can one judge a good book translation?

globe and mail: grain elevator music. hey, what about those abandoned missile silos that are for sale ... ?

culturekiosk: politically correct vs. free speech.

idg: more web gadgets allow profiling. just what i need ... spam targeted for my resting heartrate.

apache 2.0a14 for windows.

bbc: britain looks at transparency in arms sales.

webreference: heirmenus 4.05.

ez publish 2.0.

netobjects releases a new version of fusion ... though whether it's called 'xp' or 'mx' is not clear from this article ...

zdnet: scientists and engineers rail at the pc community. 'tis true ... when we had typewriters, we went home at 5 ...

silicon.com: draconian e.u. trade laws could stifle e-commerce.

*morning rant over.* i feel a little better.

i'm getting cranky about mr. bush. i do not see *any* foreign policy. by inaction, he wishes enough threat to build so he can finance his missile defense system? xenophobia is not foreign policy, no matter how much mr. helms advocates it. carbon dioxide not a pollutant? the faith-based initiative is predictable ... mainstream religion has no wish to 'share the hegemony.' so whither our poor? who takes up the slack if the faith-based initiatives aren't implemented ... is this a trojan horse to further reduce federal aid programs?

i'm beginning to wonder if we americans aren't really just sheep. this bankruptcy issue in congress right now; they aren't even masking the fact that legislation has been bought and paid for, even written by the lobby. now, granted, you'd have to be an idiot not to realize that profit motive runs as an undercurrent to much legislative change, but they're rubbing our faces in this. i really wonder how this is going to impact college students with large debt/asset ratios.

send your congresspersons a fax. not an email; electronic displeasure doesn't register because it has no physical presence. give 'em a pile of paper on their desk.

another sunny one. still chilly, however.