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wed 07 mar 01

after much thought, i may want a qube3 even more than i want a digital camera ...

commander dave comments on the article i linked yesterday, in the discussion group.

the coolest guy in high school, luther m., swore all the time. but he didn't use swear words ... he'd use convenient vegetables, fruits and other things. it just sounded ... cool. 'aw, that's just chard.' i never could quite get his inflection or tone. but it pointed up the fact that it wasn't the word, per se ... it was having a satisfying mix of vowels and consonants that you could spew off your tongue in a fit of rage ...

btw, a-dock, after one day of use seems to have a permanent place on my mac. i really like it.

a reader saves my neck. setting the sync to 'stream' in the flash sound panel will stop looping sounds from continuing after hitting stop. thank you, thank you.

pinhole photography. check 'a day inside my mouth.' insane and cool.

eyedia gallery. check the doll galleries in particular. i still remember the impact the first edition time/life photography series had on me ... and that wooden mannequin they gave the photographers ...

drawing shadows to stone.

large format printers.


globe and mail: the kgb in paris. well, not really. but sort of.

want a headache? i'm animating baby dinosaurs in flash, with a 'happy birthday' soundtrack that doesn't respond to 'stop'. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh .....

internetnews: the litigous crows jump on napster. will they come after the users next?

via geeknews, via metafilter: tri-jet powered toyota mr2.

lightning. and thunder. it's march 7. maybe spring is here. buckets of rain. liquid moisture! bring it on ...

washington post: as buddhas fall. an interesting view; normally we view a culture's violence cast against their gun laws, not their religious fervor. what other interesting statistics lurk?

well, i'm back. my assumption is that the dns was hosed again; well, for whatever reason, i now have to figure out what to do for the rest of the day. i'm in the midst of production. links will be few, and widely spaced.