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tue 06 mar 01

mac: a-dock.

another great sunset tonight, just fifteen minutes ago. fresh off the vidcam:

my webtrends stats are petrified; crystallization occurred at around 11 today.

sometimes there's nothing as nice as a hot cup of earl grey.

advogato discussion on moneyflow. via evhead.

cnn: ashcroft meets mexican counterpart. 'traffic' redux?

'running on ice ... takin' me twice as long ...' you're right, billy.

fetch 4b6.

salon: the bankruptcy bill. same old washington.

nytimes book review: seabiscuit. gotta see a man about a horse ...

nytimes looks at kauai. my fave hawaiian island, though i hear molokai rocks. the view over na pali ... to die for. i should post some pics ...

what are editors for?

nytimes: everyone will be watching the loudcloud ipo.

chronicle of higher ed: philosophy-science continuum.

nytimes: tibetans struggle to keep culture alive. we have a small colony here in santa fe ...

electronic telegraph: the good, the bad and the classical. the man with no name, the public with no ears ... ?

nytimes: political shenanigans behind the failed korean missile treaty.

art newspaper: my life as a tombarolo. or, how to rob a tomb.

time: the taliban merely follow in the footsteps of constantine and protestant reformers. one would assume there were many others before even those lights. a new word for the day 'iconoclasm.'

the register: australia outlaws email forwarding.

turn your linux box into a vcr. i would ask why, but maybe that's just silly of me ... to each his/her own ...

mac: pepper 3.6b5. this little text editor continues to intrigue.

windows: sleepy sound. ?!!

intel embraces dsp. does this mean i can still use my quadra 840av? a joke ...

xmlhack: w3c xml schema still has 'big problems' ...

linuxplanet: peace, love and linux? my foot!

bbc: the tate britain reopens.

risks digest: the effectiveness of u.s. military 'smart bombs.' commander dave, care to comment?

risks digest: seti@home has an outage.

pacific ocean 'heat vent' may ameliorate global warming.

mit students are building a railgun ...

good morning, btw.

"how much does it cost for a haircut in silicon valley?"
i don't know.
"four bucks. a dollar a corner ..."

apologies to the aggies, who go before so many of these jokes that get recycled on the 'net ...