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mon 05 mar 01

devshed: optimizing mysql.

darwinmag: design vs. usability.

internet2 at new mexico tech. dang, why not at a school up here?

no, i don't want to buy it.

good grief. the faa registry is online [like the whois database] ... the plane i learned on is in beltsville, maryland.

the first plane i ever piloted: beech sport b19. the one i flew was brown and beige ... and had a wicked wing slip in a stall.

trove of aviation links.

the first airplane i ever flew in: save a connie. one sits above a restaurant in levittown, p.a.

'stinky cheese man' ... hire him at wal-mart?

everyone knows pete turner's photography ...

earth from above. flash. speaking of aerials, there is an excellent video trilogy called 'america by air,' from paragon home video. practically a religious experience. highly recommended.

pinkheadedbug: street photography.

street photography with the yashica t5.

pittsburgh photographic library.

i know this guy, don't i ... ?

i am *completely* ready for winter to be over ...

cycling back to something said earlier, allchin's not attacking open source the way we think. this is a shot across the bow. what he is really attacking is the fact that there's no central p.r. or marketing arm for open source. microsoft gets badmouthed, the pr flacks come out in force ... redirecting immediately. what has open source got? a bunch of geeks? faithful tech journalists? great. i am likely all wrong, but this seems like a weakness that will be exploited ...

craig: you're in the dmz ... dangerousmetazone. time and space are changeable. and don't break my discussion group! (grin)

do check out the images over at andrea's, when you have the chance. it looked like a nice day for a bike ride ...

reuters: iran patrols ski slopes for 'immoral acts'. i hear bill murray now: "men and women, skiing together ..."

cnn wanders paris neighborhoods.

santa fe new mexican: state senate passes concealed handgun bill, defeats universal health care bill. ya gotta wonder about people's priorities ... [linkrot: good for ~12 hrs.]

nytimes: the iceman cometh. how severe will the storm really be?

globe and mail: paper-trained.

nytimes: beyond hypertext. and *you* thought flash and shockwave would go away ...

forbes: rembrandt's dirty secrets.

forbes: the top art thefts.

a lot of editorials and comments on the microsoft view of open source. all the brouhahah is in industry mags; you'd best get it out in regular circulation, or it's all for naught. preaching to the choir isn't an effective counter ...

line: running linux apps on windows. way alpha.

mac: another upgrade to printtopdf. oh, and a control strip module for running applescripts.

windows: eyebatch image processor looks interesting ... a new version of o'reilly website professional ... and webscripter 4.

informationweek: too much linux isn't a bad thing.

the register looks at the netcraft server survey.

10 a.m. news aggregator just fed me a link from may of 2000 ...

*mumble* *mumble* ...