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sun 04 mar 01

added two more galleries, in addition to the earlier one.

hallelujah. i think i'm finally done with the taxes ... until my accountant receives them, at least. time to celebrate! where's my bed ...

-->> first new gallery is up. gallery eleven. really just a tourist drive through los alamos, but i took shots of the remnants of the cerro grande fire. some images are large.

in other words, read the always-excellent wood s lot today.

whoops. just too juicy. pat robertson is concerned about the bush 'faith-based' initiatives.

thats enough for now. back to taxes. [erk]

ntsb report on the greeneville/ehime maru collision.

o'reilly: unix filesystems.

w3c: simple api for css.

the new york times looks at the 'pardon' issue. salon has a counterpoint. so many governmental issues and procedures ride along in obscurity, until one or the other party chooses to make it a jihad. forget the bickering; change the presidential pardon system. if you're out 'shooting watermelons,' you're misleading yourself. you should read the transcripts of the cockfighting issue here in new mexico (it remains legal, btw). a great deal of politicians need to get a trained animal and hit the road as a vaudeville act ... the feigned indignation, the dramatic gestures, the watchful eye on the camera ...

sunday times of london: walmart ... and amazon?!!

let's get a group together and buy it. then again, maybe a south sea island would be better ...

sunday times of london: erotic picasso. with gallery. cubist eroticism?

sunday times of london: the link between high voltage power lines and cancer will be officially confirmed this week. a great risk of childhood leukaemia. i don't know if america will accept the evidence at this time, but you can bet limitations on liability for power companies is on the docket for congress ... if not now, soon.

times of london: the met offers to buy afghani artworks, in an effort to save them.

slashtco: ms exchange vs. open source ... what mail server to use?

internetweek: living with linux. its the administration costs that will make or break linux in the biz sector.

for mac: fLOW.

for windows: chromatia tuner. tune your instruments. different temperaments, and octave stretching.

boston globe: microsoft breathes easier. i say, a new trial. the judge isn't the issue, justice is.

fred lasswell, the cartoonist of 'barney google and snuffy smith', has passed over.

chicago tribune: middlemen don't like direct-to-consumer net sales, and are fighting at government levels. watch out for these clowns; they want their cut.

linuxgazette: clearing out the master boot record (mbr). 'danger, will robinson' indeed. understatement.

advogato: thoughts on the world of gui's.

freshmeat: soap for tcl.

sunday morning, looking at the empty page, and my mind is even emptier at the moment. so i'll go trolling instead.

... earsSPAY. that's even funnier ...