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sat 03 mar 01

11:30 p.m., and i'm still not done with the blasted taxes. oh, well. back to it tomorrow. see ya.

nytimes: major snowstorm forecast for northeast. friends are saying that in the philly area, they're requesting you get your car off the road tomorrow. karl, get out the long snuggies ...

galleries will come online late tomorrow. i'm still up to my eyeballs in receipts.

pinup for geeks: the cray-1 at los alamos:

got some more pix in. look for another couple of galleries today or tomorrow.

okay, losing it. did you ever notice that 'britney spears' in pig latin is 'itneybray earsspray'?

and now on to taxes, and a little crying, instead ...

a fortune teller once told me it was my lot in life to be surrounded by 'women on the edge' ... it has been true so often, i tend to immediately go into 'healing mode.' i did it last night, and now i'm laughing at how far off i was. the cape and tights go back in the closet ... (*guffaw*) ... ma gavta la nata ...


santa fe new mexican: 24 year old woman survives plunge into rio grande gorge. i believe, the taos gorge is the second highest span in america ... unbelievable that she survived.

macweek is closed.

after the taliban, it's interesting to reflect on the pilgrims and puritans in america. i love the quote: "for all the accusations of superstition and narrow-mindedness, the puritans could at least be said to have provided their own antidote in their system of schools." teach a person to read, and you give them powerful tools.

dave at time's shadow has some interesting thoughts today (as if that's any surprise!). i just had an argument with an acquaintance who was convinced that the space program has *never* done any good for mankind, and should be totally scrapped. their point of view practically sucked the air out of my lungs ...

--> second story is seriously cool. check it out, definitely.

lingua franca: eclipse of reason; the false confirmation of albert einstein.

the guardian: the 'harry potter' trailer.

artnewsonline: landscapes ain't what they used to be.

seattle pi: oh no! some of dale chihuly's glasswork was destroyed in the quake.

the guardian: backstory on the destruction of afghanistan's cultural heritage.

nytimes: pain for a day trader. wasn't his fault, but he pays the bill ... not fair.

python-dev summary.

pinehead: gimp layers.

linuxtoday: open source is *not* napster.

deerfield's dns2go looks interesting. i've been using hammernode and huffpost.

icewalkers: an update to nautilus.

latimes: napster to begin filtering. i wonder if there'll be a surge at the music stores?

canadacomputes: why upgrade to 9.1 when os x is on the horizon?

yahoo via geeknews: metallica's interview. some choice napster quotes.

we haven't heard from andrea in quite a long time ... for her. probably her thesis. she must be getting down to the wire now ... you'll do great, kiddo.

waterloo wide web.

so, i'll go dig around and find a bit of linkage. i'll be boycotting my net connection later, in order to finally finish up my taxes.

went to the o'keeffe museum last night, to see 'view of the city.' i still say, there are no skyscrapers like the chrysler building. i'm a member of the cult ...