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thu 01 mar 01

i do not know which to prefer; the beauty of inflections, or the beauty of innuendos ...

berenice abbott's 'changing new york.'

one american's view of france. no wonder europeans give up on us.


whatever you say.

while dreaming of spring, i think of munhacanimischi ...

megapixel.net march edition.

ofoto's putting up $10,000 bucks for the 'best smile'.


2bpop. ?

calumet talks about the 'true' cost of doing digital photography at the professional (studio) level. woof.

looking through some more digital camera sites, i find this. i wanna go; anybody else with me?

ninemsn: radiation-proof mobile phones. you'll be able to sleep in darkness ... instead of having your ear glow like a night light.

usatoday: toolmaking may have influenced human evolution. broca's brain ...

hi mo! [showing off zope at a client location. 'oh wow' was the reaction, i believe.]

craig's a little hyper over at booknotes today ...

here's the backdrop for your next 3d spaceship render.

zdnet: outlook 2000 cheat sheet.


for mac: ibuild, multimedia authoring.

nytimes: book review, gabriel's story. aside: shocks some folks when they see that some reservations are worse than a ghetto ...

nytimes: nj's acting governor defends homebuilder loan. try to find any politician in nj who didn't benefit from the housing boom of the 80's and 90's. imho, it's impossible. that doesn't make it right, i'm just making the observation ... based on experience. bitter? you bet. i loved princeton. still do. but i couldn't stay and watch its soul and character be dismantled and rebuilt in a consumer-driven, automobile tyranny image ...

jesus the vegetarian?

cnn: cancer pill blasts through trials. it's a bittersweet news story for me, personally. in all likelihood, this would have saved my father's life. too late, too late. but i'm so happy for those who need it today ...

dpreview's on new servers on the east coast; much faster.

bostonphoenix: america, land of the con artist. 'a little larceny in their soul' costs big bucks; i know all too well.

bbc: william shakespeare, head?

inside: magazines going nuclear over postal costs.

central europe review: prague intelligentsia.

globe and mail: taliban destroying art in afghanistan. 'cultural terrorism.'

the register: is your disk drive churning when you're on the net? could be someone rummaging through your contents ...

i'm torn as to whether to link to cnet. the ads are clearly designed to be annoying. there are some good articles; should i link, and warn you to turn off images before diving into the link? or simply not link ... or dig a little deeper and find the same info elsewhere?

evolution on linux; outlook clone. timely. with all the nasty viruses outlook keeps catching ... could something like this be the killer app to get linux in the desktop world?

apachetoday: apache dominates, at 60% marketshare.

news.com: overclockers go overboard.

nytimes: putting a new soul in your pc.

silicon.com: amazon battered by rumors.

webref: http for html authors, part two.

librenix: guide to compiling apache with php, mysql and ssl support.

the system 9.1 installation went well, but got a '2066' error on first boot this morning. second boot was fine. time to dig a little. it always takes some time to get into the rhythm of a new os.

the sun's so bright this morning, at 7 am, that i just can't stay in bed.