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mon 26 feb 01

lente, lente, currite noctus equi ... see y'all in the mawnin' ...

eat mah dust, bhb. #20 for 'pictures of alien implants.'

"the eagle suffers little birds to sing,
and is not careful what they mean thereby."
    - shakespeare, titus andronicus

"flamin' harry" has a website! i used to see him at "john & peter's", in new hope pennsylvania ... karl, you must've heard of him. blues. lots of bikers to get into fights with. i'll have to order a cd ...

threepennyreview: echo and narcissus. poem.

partisan review: temporising. procrastination as strategy. just don't wait so long that life passes you by ...

the atlantic: what obituaries tell us about the papers we read.

the atlantic: i was just looking. oof.

har, har ... 'the fifth declension' ... didn't they sing 'age of aquarius' ... ?

london telegraph: saddam's removal is not part of british policy. just the beginning ...?

reuters: if you climb it, you should clean it. a shame nepal has to do it. a little forensic work, and i'm sure they could find someone to bill ...

jeez, man ... it scares me to death when i can remember an arcane font used two years ago, right off the top of my head; that is, in contrast to the fact that after eight years of latin, i remember little of the passive pluperfect, or the fifth declension ...

dpreview: nixvue digital album, sony's new dsc-s75.

cnn: trying to salvage diamlerchrysler.

city journal: what's holding blacks back?

the art newspaper: issues with the death tax, and the effect on charitable giving.

ten bucks for a movie in n.y.c.

ottowa citizen: kids are protesting 'harry potter' ...

alllinuxdevices: the half-keyboard, and drivers for linux. link from linuxtoday isn't working; i'll find it later.

zdnet looks at zend's php ide.

linuxplanet: kde 2.1, a desktop for grownups.

versiontracker: adobe photoshop 6.01 update.

silicon.com: uk ecommerce drowns in regulations.

adobe aftereffects offers flash output.

linux weekly: activestate adopts tcl.

ugeek: bigger web ads coming. oh joy! oh rapture!

the register: isp's asked to unplug napster cloners.

strange thoughts bubble to the surface sometimes. the mind began to wander as i was driving ... would a culture that believes in physical reincarnation be a more compassionate society? maybe cloning is a good thing ... we'll wish to preserve and improve instead of consume and destroy.

snow! ... and meetings. back later.