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sat 24 feb 01

sometimes, weblogging feels like standing by a sidewalk full of people walking by. i pull pieces of myself off, throw them on the sidewalk, and then wait to see if someone will find an interest or value in a piece. weird, huh? then again, it might be that gin 'n' tonic i just drank ...

doing a lot of thinking today; i need a muse. a better muse than a weblog. i've created no genius here, that's for sure.

next item on the list of visits: a couple of the pueblos.

stopped at the bradbury museum, sat on 'little boy' and leaned on 'fat man' ... [scale replicas of the bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki]. had a great time with the xylophone, and shook hands with the lifesize plaster sculpture of oppenheimer. got a picture of their archaeological 'cray 1'. don't know if the flash made it through the glass. much dreck, but much interesting information to soak up. i can't stand foamcore and audiovisual museums; i know how to present things better. ten years in industrial theatre and trade shows gives me little patience for amateurs. their 'movie' was embarrassing. they had to explain away the director's 'creative genius' before the film started, because the contrasts of nazi newsreels with penitents at the santuario de chimayo could be misconstrued ... all too easily. give me a couple thou, and a month. i could run circles around this, solo. also, the pro-nuke propaganda was a bit heavy and thick. but go in with healthy skepticism, and you can have a good time.

drove out to the edges of north and otowi mesa, took a few pics. did a little hiking, but the wind was bitter. they're building houses now, all the way to the end of otowi mesa, where the trail begins. kinda sad, really. otowi's so narrow, you can't fit two houses and a road across it's width. hard to describe ... think of it this way: in one section, all you have is road, and a sheer dropoff on each side.

los alamos is completely dead, virtually empty on weekends. not much fodder for the old camera, really. tried to find edith warner's house (house at otowi bridge), but noone in town seemed to know about it. i'll keep trying.

the trip to los alamos was fine. drove up to see where the cerro grande fire burned; it was both more and less than i expected. i was surprised to see that mere heat seemed to kill the trees at the edges of the fire ... instead of burned black, they were standing with black trunks to about five or six feet high, full of brown needles. about a hundred feet in, you get the complete black charred charcoal trunks. drove up to yucca street, 48th street ... took a few pictures. most of the house remains have been completely cleared. the hills to the west of los alamos are pretty much speckled like a three-day old growth of beard [stout black hairs on brown skin]; it appears in the background of every picture one takes. it'll be more obvious in the springtime, when the greenery begins to fill out ... and the burned areas remain charred.

back home.

i would put some linkage up, but i'm trying to wrest my weekends away from silicon. spring is coming; weblogging isn't as compelling when there are so many other things to do ...

it's blustery out still, the dusting of snow we received last night has melted already. going in to los alamos today; dragging cameras along again. hopefully, i'll have time to find some of the burned sections ...