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mon 19 feb 01

don't ask. all i'll say is, i swallowed a lot of water.

just watched 'october sky'. makes me realize i didn't try hard enough when putting those hydrofoils on that oil drum ...

the stone money of yap island in the south pacific. i have a friend who lives here. i tried to convince him to build a drive-in movie theatre on one of his dad's islands, but he didn't understand the fundamental business logic behind the venture ... [totally inebriated idiocy.]

damn. look at a font one day, it means one thing. look at it again the next day, and the emotional texture seems totally different. or is it just me?

graphis; photography.

another infrared digital camera link. includes the wratten filter numbers.

hey, if you've got a digital camera, you can do infrared.

so, i'm bored. can't be 100% all the time ...

point a video camera at your monitor, while displaying what the video camera is seeing, and you peer into infinity:

pinup girls art archive. wives sat still for this in the 40's and 50's?

'for the love of horses' has a list of used saddles today.

saw in a newsgroup that the new nikon d1x can record gps coordinates with the pictures it takes ...

"i am not hannibal." one of the few great scenes in 'zorro', smoking the thin cigar and putting out candles with the whip ... then again, he's not 'the fox' either.

reuters: russell crowe prefers cows over meg ryan.

reagan?!! ah well. macarthur was a 'horse's a$$' to just about every marine in the pacific theatre. how times change.

does anyone else still get errors when closing homesite? 4.5.2, win2k.

the national post applauds oprah's book selections.

the atlantic: looking at the bbc.

aw, forget linking. just go to linuxtoday. great stuff over there today.

linuxmagazine: roundup of web tools.

domain notes: setting up dns servers.

resexcellence: install kde 2.1.

digitrends: peeping tom grows up. not related really, but fun: go to any computer, search for files ending in '.jpg' ... oh, my. almost as fun as unerasing the hard drives of rental computers ...

directory for social psychology.

macnn: weekend roundup. titanium issues, flash.

canadacomputes: publisher of business 2.0 cuts back.

ugeek: sharp linux pda.

morelikethis: an xslt jumpstart for html authors.

okay, isn't today supposed to be a holiday? how come i have to go to an 8:30 a.m. meeting, huh? why? oh, get over it ...