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fri 16 feb 01

going out to harry's road house for dinner & drinks tonight. see y'all later on ...

webtrends live has been seriously intermittent lately. if it wasn't so darned good, i'd go elsewhere.

another gallery is up. andrea, i may finally be going downtown specifically to take shots of santa fe. i never made it for 'btc', but i can do it now. any requests? cathedral? scottish rites temple? (yep.) cross of the martyrs? the garbage can in front of haagen dazs? (grin) or how about an adobe burger king?

i've been thinking over the last couple of days that booknotes could go to a pay-for model. craig takes exquisite care in crafting a day's theme. anybody else agree? i'd pony up, no question.

mozilla on mac, binhex files are coming through as text in the browser ...

list of photoshop plugins.

nineveh and assyria.

doubletake magazine: song of the open road. words and photographs.

war. huh. good god, y'all. what is it good for? absolutely nothin'. say it again ...

santa fe new mexican: coincidence, purely. couple survives ordeal in the gila (HEE-la) wilderness. [linkrot, good for 12 hrs.]

for folks coming over from mefi: fire starting. give me flint and steel anyday ...

finally, back from meetings. went to pick up my photocd, and had a vaguely uncomfortable feeling while i was in the shop. what's that i hear? g'n'r's "welcome to the jungle" orchestrated in muzak? GET ME OUTTA HERE ...!!

the guardian unlimited weblog.

yesterday's been burned away; straight ahead, and damn the torpedoes ...

another random workout tip: get cramps when you begin running? eat a banana. works for me; got the tip from a boxer, in tennessee ...

nytimes: giuliani and the brooklyn museum are in the headlines again ...

whoosh. :^(

the atlantic on evelyn waugh, and her trilogy. later: rick *and* craig correct my blogging alzheimers' ... 'he', not 'she'. my apologies, mr. waugh. sometimes, things typed are on autopilot. thanks, rick!

editor & publisher: wwf biggest streaming video draw on the 'net ...

national geographic: giants in peru.

newsbytes: ocean spray and the fda [and the internet].

apachetoday: zope 2.3.1 beta! trying out some bug fixes ...

vnunet: capitalism embraces open source.

macsqlmonitor is up to 1.6b2.

iwon: 'net surfing and shopping are up in australia.

photoworkflow server appliances.


securityfocus: vulnerability in hotmail?

geeknews: pc manufacturers agressively lowering prices; how low?

zdnet: belgian police begin raiding napster users.

webreference: xml standards reference.

mozilla 0.8. via blackholebrain.

sunny, bright, cold. lots of wind last night. had to weigh down a few outside items to keep 'em from blowing away. was already in bed, when i heard things banging around. nothing caps a bad day more than having to get out of bed and go out into the cold and dark ... but today's going to be better. it has to be! i'll MAKE it so ...