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wed 14 feb 01

and one more ... private detectives work overtime in canada on valentine's day.

i can't stand it. this is too fun. the dionysion. *hours* of interesting stuff. try this out: women who run with the god.

enough linkage for one day. grab your valentine, and do something extraordinary.

she comes not when noon is on the roses ...
    too bright is day.
she comes not to the soul till it reposes
    from work and play.

but when night is on the hills, and the great voices
    roll in from sea,
by starlight and candle-light and dreamlight
    she comes to me.

  -- herbert trench.

photographers' formulary. mmmmm. chemicals. i love the smell of fixer in the morning ...

every woman's dream on valentine's day ...

'women come to the front' ... photographers, broadcasters, journalists.

building the world's largest harddrive ... optically.

setting up a darkroom.

a trove of info about half frame photography.

mardi gras. image gallery.

reuters: a british electric company tries to bill a rock.

snowing here again. speaking of which, there's another gallery up. not a great day to use a videocamera, however.


dpreview: rayovac announces a 1 hour nimh battery recharger.

mother jones: 'homie-sexualz'.

wilson quarterly: why study religious history?

utne reader: biologist rupert sheldrake, and 'morphogenetic fields.'

xtracycle, the sport utility bicycle.

santa fe new mexican: should we revert to 'nuevo mexico'? racism, huh? one wonders what the native americans called the area ...[linkrot; good for 12 hrs.]

roll with it, baby ...

linuxtoday: python-url! for this week.

and, good news. i've almost got my redesign done, thanks to luke. i still need to clear some things up, but permalinks are on the docket.

now that the 'laughing boys' are gone, i return to my normal graphic. surely i must deserve a kiefer for reading their rather primitive minds. they're like a bug you poke, to get it to move the way you want to ...

thanks, boys, for doing a spellcheck and repairing my moniker.

that's about all i've got time for at the moment. maybe another gallery opens this evening ... who knows? been toting the vidcam around, in lieu of other devices ...

the book of the heart, via arts & letters daily.

the new republic: my assistants and i used to argue about this all the time: does one have to be screwed up, physically debilitated, or ... in this case ... exiled to do 'great art'?

the nation: compassionately conservative pornography. last time i looked, nobody was banning the horses in the pasture next door ...

hijacking police radio.

folks may love winamp, but i've always liked sonique better ... now 1.90.

wired: kansas returns to the 21st century, after taking a holiday in the 19th ...

late in the day, it's slim pickins ... for sure.

networkcomputing: the 'kournikova' virus author gives himself up.

yahootech: e.u. copyright law may cover downloads.

syscon: microsoft commits to xml.

waiting for an appointment, sitting in the sun at the front of a coffee shop here in santa fe, i listened to a young woman giving her boyfriend (assumption. husband? lover? whatever.) hell via cellphone about his lack of affection on valentine's day. apparently, he did *nothing.* 'not even the dishes!' there's a lot of expectations piled on the day, begetting a great deal of love and pain. it came to me that the image of cupid, shooting an arrow through a heart really does have meaning yet in our modern world. nothing hurts like a heart pierced by that arrow; sometimes it feels like there's someone behind wringing it around in the wound. when i left, she was starting to cry; i wished there was something i could do ... but ultimately, it's the person on the other end of her phone call who has to make some value judgments. if your 'significant other' is special, then special effort is required ... seems only logical, imho. it's a time to do some whacked-out stuff, be imaginative. after all, love is also entwined with madness ... "madly in love." so my recommendation is, get a little crazy with *your* valentine. but *make sure* they know how much you care.

the e-card outlets are getting slammed. check the apology on hallmark.com. wow.

whooooh. long meeting this morning, missed appointments. widespread carnage in the production schedule. gotta stop dipping in others' discussion groups ... eats up too much blog time ...