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tue 13 feb 01

  "true happiness
consists not in the multitude of
but in the worth and choice."
  - ben jonson, cynthia's revels

jeez, man, i must be delirious. what did i just write? i have miles to go before i sleep ... for an 8:30 a.m. morning meeting.

... whereas, i need more aspirin and my pillow. ah, my pillow ... non-judgmental, always comforting. i lay my feverish brain down and enjoy the feel of the cool, crisp pillowcase ... the form fit around the cranium. ahhhhhhhhhh. to sleep, perchance to dream ... to roam the cosmos on a thread of unconsciousness ...

>> gallerytwo is up. sunset tonight; more complete than past sunsets. views in most directions. i know at least one person out there who could use a good new mexico sunset view ...

diane arbus.

'sgonna be a good sunset tonight. got a storm moving in from the west.

five o'clock, and i'm finally back from albuquerque. the 'big i' project is moving along swiftly; i really wonder if we're going to have amazing flying car stunts when our state's infamous drunken drivers get on some of those skyways they're building. got to see three f-18 hornets take off from the airbase, and two f-16's land. oh, and transacted some biz too. (grin)

ananova: church seized for not paying taxes. a perfect photo op for a 'compassionate conservative' response? expect it.

santa fe new mexican: los alamos wants to play with live biological organisms, for weapons. [linkrot: good for 12 hrs.]

bbc: jail for 'dangerous durian' owner.

my schedule today is making me crazy ... having to go into albuqueruque kills an hour both ways, plus meeting time. no matter where in the business day you put it, production time ends up in the overtime hours ...

it was predictable, guys, that you'd want to keep the enthusiasm for your site high by immediately reviewing those who defended alwin. in the future, however, spell my name correctly, please. one "t", two "r's". everyone seems to make that mistake.

finally, after a week ... something close to a reasonable news day! i thought the world had slowed down, or *i* was on an asteroid or something ...

dpreview: kodak and olympus to join forces on digital cameras.

nytimes: urban tap.

reuters: australians find 'extinct' stick insect.

cnn health: here's a flash. diesel school buses are filled with toxins.

the guardian looks at fritz lang ...

inside.com: xlibris scales down.

globe and mail: big tobacco in the movies.

philly inquirer: one tends to forget that classical music is an evolving artform, with modern practitioners ... but i guess we expect composers to have wild hair, fire in the eyes, a square jaw ...

reuters via yahoo finance: domain hijackers are apparently having a field day ...

the register: cracking the crackers.

newsbytes: europe moves closer to internet copyright law.

newsforge: how are decisions made about the linux kernel?

the last hurrah? napster 2.0b9.6 for windows.

javanews: hp takes delayed action on web services.

infoworld: amazon to sell downloadable software.

infoworld: ebxml moves towards completion.

las vegas sun: business booming for riverboat casinos.

linux weekly news: opera 5.02b6 for linux available.

macweek: new maxtor drive head technology.

perlnews: siemens has released new perl binaries.

securityfocus: kournikova virus the work of 'script kiddies' ...

still under the weather.