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thu 08 feb 01

bah. i'm getting no traction on anything tonight. and it's begun one of those extremely fine, slow snowfalls. i know, i know. we need the water.

jacques henri lartigue.

more vintage posters. this one's appropriate for tonight, though i have a feeling that old moon doesn't have our best interests at heart. he much prefers playing tricks ...

speaking of which, here's a philosophy for a weblogger: "the ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it." emerson.

you know, i really wonder. for all the high-end photographic equipment i own, my best shots were done with limited means. the stuff i shot with a rangefinder is so superior to my slr creations, that it takes my breath away. i'm seriously thinking of dumping all this high-tech gadgetry for something more simple. i'm also wondering if the same philosophy could apply in other aspects of my life as well ... simplify, simplify. make do. create character. we've heard it from thoreau, emerson, gandhi.

the temps have dropped, the wind is up and moaning through the windows and doors. i can watch the glass respire back and forth with the pressure of the wind. it is truly a cold, dark and foreboding night. will there be snow? there were flurries and rain today, but no accumulation and no ice (thank goodness). not that it matters a whit; i've got too much damned work to get done tomorrow anyway ...

failing to find a better cartier-bresson link, i find this. too funny.

tete-a-tete, portraits by henri cartier-bresson. nah, wait a sec. seven pictures? what a rip.

what more need i say? man ray. well, i will say this. use the 'search' function ...

hey, trixie. stop making eyes at racer x. hop in and let's GO! thnx, wired.

i used to love office intercom systems. the ones that page in the hallways? those. i used to pick up the phone, clear my throat audibly, and hang up. you could feel the anticipation all over the office, that pause waiting for the voice. then the relaxation into inattentiveness once again.

watching you watching me watching ...

the studio's a mess. but don't doubt for a second that i know where *everything* is. i'll be organizing it this weekend; this is purely to remind myself come next week, that it was all worth it:

oh, and the answer is yes, hal. you can see i sprang for that 900 dollar aeron chair ... *not*. given my penchant for destroying furniture, i decided against it. i can't afford a new aeron every six months.

nytimes: looking at snow making technology.

globe and mail: notes from the ministry of faith-based government. via the excellent wood s lot.

latimes: review of 'the collected stories of arthur c. clarke.'

nytimes: obituary of anne morrow lindbergh.

the telegraph: shakespeare may step aside for 'moving images' and the web. wrong move.

the telegraph: dissing santa fe, in association with the o'keeffe fakes. most of this drama took place elsewhere. why pick on santa fe? mr. peters made good.

yahoo/reuters: looking at voting systems, the old mechanicals may be best.

linux.com: making apache case-insensitive with samba.

motley fool: barnes & noble feels good about 2001, after dumping 16% of staff.

cnet: springsteen loses case to wrest his domain name away. miserable, in-your-face ads ...

techweb: zygon enters u.s. content management market.

motley fool: the thrill of data storage. sorta like a sexy librarian, i guess.

network computing: marketing your website? jupiter says word of mouth has worked best for their top 25. then, zdnet twists it the other way, claiming online advertising works. huh? the *site* is online, but attracting the customers via word of mouth, right? guess i'll have to find the original article to make heads or tails out of it ...

geeknews: the napster free ride is pretty much over.

second chapter of 'xml databases' is up.

of course, their news server's hosed too. damn.

can't reach this site from earthlink; what's up with them? they've normally been rock-solid consistent. even the mail server's hosed. dialup from my local isp ... no problems.

i think those dudes at the weather service done be smoking the whacky weed. no snow, full sun. maybe, like the rest of the nation, they just need something to worry about ...