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mon 05 feb 01

i should be able to resume normal blogging in the morning. see you then.

evening: it's been soooo busy. i wish i could post something worthwhile, but i have to get some sleep. i'm beat. i will say, however, that google must have reindexed dangerousmeta ... this site's gotten about 25 search engine hits in the last couple of hours. wham-bam. everything from 'iko iko lyrics' to 'butt ugly martians' to 'david stockman interview'. now that's eclectic.

i put a probe in each ear, and this is the reading i get [totally appropriate]:

phone calls started early; got the car in for service, got a client coming to burn cds ... in other words, no time to post right now. apologies to my regulars. i'm going off my nut ...